• Am I a Knockout? •

Name: • Kandie •
Age: 18
Location: Toronto, ON
Sexual preference: Straight. I like dem bois.
How did you find out about this community?: Was searching various fashion and celebrity communities and came upon it.
Who did you promote _knockouts community to?: My LJ - Poisonace
Why do you think you're a KNOCKOUT (don't try to be modest)?: Because I am tall, blonde, beautiful, confident and fun to be around!
Three favorite movies and why?: Running Scared - KKNNOOCCKKOOUUTT Art Direction (no pun intended) :: Chronicles of Riddick, the - Crazy sci-fi storyline that I adore. Non stop action. Lots of Beautiful people :: Domino - Beautiful girl Keira kicking ASS plain and simple this movie rocks.
Three favorite TV shows and why?: America's Next Top Model - Love learning new ways to look beautiful! Love the photoshoots as well :: Desperate Housewives - Bree is my favourite. GORGEOUS. Love the constantly moving storyline :: Survivor - I'm sorry, but I want to be on that show. I would kick ass!!! Lol, I love it because of the physical activity and the challenges, and the alliances. I get so into it.
Three favorite actors/actresses and why?: Johnny Depp - Not going to deny it. He's gorgeous. But also, I like his choice of movies :: Nicole Kidman - Tall, blonde, blue eyes. LIKE ME! She is an acting CHAMELEON too :: Anthony Hopkins - I admire his work. Silence of the Lambs, The edge, Meet Joe Black are some of my faves.
Three favorite musical artists and why?: Benny Benassi - His music makes me want to make out and have sex. And isn't that what life is all about? :: T.A.T.U - Love their melodies. Very soothing and they really tell a story with their songs :: Pussy Cat Dolls - They are sexy, can dance, and can sing!
Three favorite songs and why?: I love my sex - Benny Benassi. Reason? Here are the lyrics. I love cars, perfume and jewels, man, money, power and I love my sex. That is hot. :: Outerspace - T.A.T.U Reason? I just love it because it's so funky and makes no sense! :: Buttons - PCD Reason? I can shake my ass to it. I love the beat.
Three favorite books and why?: Symphony of Ages Series Reason? I love fantasy books, and this one is jam packed full of all my favourite things. :: Million Little Pieces Reason? I literally finished this in 2 days. I could not put it down! :: White Oleander Reason? It was such a dish. I'm a girl I have to have a girly read once in a while.
Hobbies: Making graphics, singing, camping, fishing, swimming, XBOX.
Who do you most admire?: My mother. She is my inspiration in everything. From art to life.
Favorite color and why: Orange it's bright and out there like my personality.
Favorite clothing store: If I was rich, Versace Boutiques, but for now. Guess? I like it because all of it's clothes scream I'm SEXY come KISS ME!
Favorite article of clothing and why?: My lacy yellow bra and undies set. They make me feel even more confident than I am!
Describe yourself in one word: Knockout
Biggest pet peeve: People who call me to take their shifts...GRR!!
Make up a quote!: If you can't live with him, kick his ass. Lol.
If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?: 1. I wish that every wish I wish for the rest of my life to come true. I don't need two more.

Your aspects on:
Your future? - I want to become a model, then transfer into acting.
Abortion? - NEVER. You were stupid enough to get knocked up. Deal with it. Don't kill the baby. (unless its rape)
Religion? - I am an Atheist. Sorry if that makes you hate me, but that is just who I am.
Inter-Racial Relationships? - Hell yeah. I like me a thug. But I like scruffy white guys too.
Pre-marital sex? - Is there another way?? Lol.
Masturbation? - Everybody does it. Anyone who says they don't is either a liar, or a very unsatisfied individual.
Your country's government? - Right now. I love Stephen Harper. We shall see in the future.
War? - If it's for the right stuff, I'm pro. Right now, I'm pro. No I will not explain this further.
Capital Punishment? - If you killed someone, be prepared to die.
Same Sex Relationships? - Ew. Barf.
Eating disorders? - For fat, and mental people.
Cosmetic Surgery? - Sure, as long as you can still smile, frown, scowl, and laugh respectively.
Euthanasia? - Uh..forgive my blonde moment, but huh?

Fill in the blank:
I like it when you shake your hair (shameless I like the way you move lyrics)
Not even the rain can make me look bad.
I love 6 packs.
Are you ready to rumble?
Sex & Chocolate
Did you see my beautiful face? lol.
Whoa! What's in your teeth???!!

Any final thoughts? Well just thought I would try this out. If I am accepted, you can count on me to be active. If I am not. No worries. I won't have a hissy fit. Lol! So, whatever you wanna do, go right ahead.

3 or more CLEAR pictures of yourself (In case you get accepted, please specify which picture you want on the member's page):

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vs- let's lay here forever

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me and lovemakeit_hurt recently made it.
hopefully it'll be as gangsturrrrrr as this community once was (before it completely died and all).

[riley, you're never onlinnnne. do you want to be a mod fool?]

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.Very active. Short application. Hot, smart members. Members will never have to promote. Many numbers of boys & girls. Over 300 Members. Diversity worshipped. Over 10 applications to vote on every week. Fun contests with prizes. Awesome picture themes with prizes. Sister communities welcome-comment here to be added.

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