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Monkey hat!

I made this hat a couple of days ago for my 1-month-old cousin, Noel (he's a boy :P). I used the Sock Monkey Hat pattern from Knitty, but I used the amount of stitches suggested for the medium one on size 9's (still using Idena Twins yarn) and it actually came out pretty baby-sized.

Here's how it turned out!

Cute, eh? (^_^) The embroidery and the pom-pom were fun. I fail at ears. XD

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Being Normal

Clothing Studies

Okay, so after the yarn excursion I have started to seriously think about figuring out how I want to alter Cherie Amour. Very quickly a few days ago I realized that I basically wanted a completely different sweater, and while I have duckyshepherd's stitchtionaries captive, I figure now is a good time to figure it out, since I have my first skein of the yarn and my buttons.

First thing I did was go through all the knitting pattern sites I could think of, none had what I was looking for, go figure. So today, I decided to look at Victoria's Secret, remembering the catalogue with the "must be copied now" sweaters. Still haven't found what I want, but did find something interesting...

This Sweater that we all drooled over in that catalogue, compare with this sweater pattern from lionbrand, look familiar?  Okay, there are some differences.. but tweaking can happen verry easily from the pattern to achieve the VS version.  And the Alloy version apparently.

Also an interesting fact to me: remember the rant we were having one Wednesday night about today's fashions and trying to give you double boobs or make you look pregnant?  NONE of the sweaters on VS's website do that... so maybe some members of the fashion community actually do still care that their customers look attractive in their clothes!  There is hope!

The search continues for a sweater coat idea that tickles me enough to snipe the pattern.

This one at Macy's keeps catching my eye, possibly because they're calling it crocheted.. and it is soo knitted.
While not what I was thinking this would probably be a very good choice with my yarn, but I'm worried my buttons would look goofy, I'm afraid the look of the lines in the sweater are dependent on the frogs.

About the only pattern I've found anywhere that near my original idea is for a Child's Sweater , and all it gets right is the number of buttons and their aproximate position, oh yeah, and the fact that it's lace.  I guess I could just mature it up a little.. and size it up ALOT.  Gah, why do my tastes have to be this out of fashion?   I guess I'm not in fashion. Oh well.
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the things I liked on the new Knitty

Wow, this one looks just like Something Red, except that it has CABLES! _purple_raven_, what do you think I should dooooo?

cosmicpluto, I lurve you usually, but do you really want me to do solid seed stitch for a whole hoodie? Meep. (Would this work in Mistake Rib?)

I don't know why I like this one, but I do.

The Man(ual) male patterns book looked really good. Is anyone else getting it? I want shatfat to look over the patternses.