November 9th, 2005

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KMFDM DOTKOM Field Communication no. 0082

Field Communication no. 0082
November 08 2005

KMFDM would like to apologize to all our fans who planned to attend the show
last night in Leipzig. The decision to cancel the show was a very difficult one
to make. Given the security cordon around Paris and other areas of France,
along with the distance between the shows, it became apparent that we were only
going to be able to play either Leipzig or Paris, but could not make both. It
was a terrible decision to have to make but being that Paris was the larger show
and that we had to cancel our last scheduled performance there in 1997, we
decided to make every effort to finally come through for Paris. We hope to
reschedule for Leipzig sometime next summer. For now the rest of the tour
continues as scheduled. Thanks to everyone involved for their understanding.

Finalized Hau Ruck European Tour Dates:

Fans who have taken photos of shows on the European Tour please send them to

Numerous updates on KMFDM DOTKOM. New photos added in the following sections:
Press Photos, Live Photos, Fan Photos-Live, Fan Photos-Aftershow and Fan
Photos-Misc. New Web Press links have been added and Kaptn's Korner and Lucia's
Live Journal have been updated under Band Blogs. Lastly, a short new Tech Talk
questions is answered in the Gear section.

KMFDM DOTKOM v4.0 is here:
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