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What IS _kkgirlslash?
Let's break down the name, shall we?
KK, is obviously, Keira Knightley, the talented star of Pirates of the Caribbean, Bend it Like Beckham, and this summer's upcoming King Arthur.
Girl Slash, or femmeslash (femslash) is a type of fandom, or fan fiction. Girl slash 'shippers' (worshippers) are similar to regular slash shippers, only we don't make male/male pairings (such as viggo/orlando, elijah/sean, etc.) we do female/female pairings, such as Keira/Parminder, Keira/Natalie, etc.
So, in the most literal meaning of the name, _kkgirlslash is a community for bisexual or lesbian (or straight if you just like girls together) Keira Knightley femmeslash. If this turns you off in ANY way, please, find your way over to keirafanfiction, though be warned--there could be slash over there too! Free speech on the internet is a glorious thing.

Community Rules, as posted on the page:
1. No flaming, bashing or whatever. Come here for the fanfiction and leave your fandom wank at home.

2. All posts (recs included) must follow this format :

Subject Headers
Please put the title, rating, and pairing of your drabble in the subject header of your entry, like this:

Title - Rating - Pairing

Text Area
In the main area there should be the following :


3. ALL FICS, even drabbles and fluff, should be lj cut, as should large images or innapropriate images/manips. If you don't know how to do it check the FAQ.

4. Off topic posts will be deleted and if the user posting off topic continues, they will be banned from the community. Though, our group does allow posts besides fics. Pics, icons, and others are MORE than welcome.

5. Challenges are welcome, the more the merrier. The more you all challenge or post bunnies, the more fiction we have!

6. Membership to the group requires an invitation, so if you'd like to join the group, post a reply here! It's FRIENDS ONLY (members only) So join up to get in the action.

Other Keira Communities
keirafanfiction (Our sister Community, founded by former Mod retyped)

Head Moderator:
chuckjd (Alyssa)

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Community Disclaimer:
This community contains content that may be deemed offensive by some belief systems. We write fiction placing Miss Knightley in sexual situations with women. It is merely fiction, and not meant as slander, libel, or any sort of indication of Miss Knightley's sexuality, habits, or actions. Fiction, by definition, is an account of events that did not happen. If any of this has happened, it's only happened within the minds and pervy dreams of the authors. If you have a problem with homosexuality, fuck off. Flames will be deleted IMMEDIATELY and the user will be banned forthwidth from the community. Some of the stories could also contain adult situations, such as sex, language, drug or alcohol content, and violence. If it is not legal for you to be viewing such things, either turn around and leave or don't say I didn't warn you. Please treat all members of this community with respect and I'm sure respect will be returned to you accordingly.

If you wish to join, please click the join community link, this will take you to a request to join page. All requests to join are THOROUGHLY checked to make sure you haven't harbored any ill feelings towards homosexuals. And remember, because someone has friended the group doesn't mean they've been accepted.


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