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Kitty HeadQuarters

Where Kittens Unite
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All Members
Name: KittyHeadQuarters
Location: [USA] + surrounding countries
Who: Girls
Age: NR

Brand New Community

[Point of Community:] For the betterment of the kitty.

[Who Can Apply:]
    · Any girl with 'kitty', form of or insinuation (of a kitty) in their nick.
    · This is a place for 'kitty' nicks to unite.
[How to Apply:]
    · Just click the join button community up top and wait for your nick to be approved.
    · You may also want to click on 'watch/monitor community' so it will appear in your friends page and see when new entries are posted.
[House Rules:]
    · Since age not rated, keep all material tasteful.
    · All expressions welcome, this is a place for cats to thrive and exchange ;]
    · No catfights IN House.
    · If long post or lots of pictures, be kind and lj-cut them.
    · Purr... or rarr ... up to you. Just have fun. =]
[House/Upon Joining:] (though not mandatory)
    · Don't be shy, just say hi.
    · Share something you like, miss or have on your mind.
    · Your age and/or places you'ved lived.
    · Favorite quote (or two..)
    · What makes you purr? :]
[Any Other Info/Fun Stuff:]
    · If you have any ideas or questions or simply just want to chat ;) msg me @ yahoo: kittyheadquarters
    · My favorite comic strip/kitty in the entire World. Makes me pee my pants and nearly die laughing.

    "The smallest feline is a masterpiece." - Leonardo Da Vinci
    "Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a function." - Joseph Wood Krutch
    "The phrase "domestic cat" is an oxymoron." - George F. Will
    "To err is human, to purr is feline." -Robert Byrne
    "Dogs eat. Cats dine. - Ann Taylor
    "Cats come and go without ever leaving." - Martha Curtis
    "You have learned enough to see that cats are much like you and me." - T.S. Eliot

    "The cat is nature's Beauty." - French Proverb
    "A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes." - Indian Saying

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    · Dr.Suess Concentration
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