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KITTIE are actually coming to the UK.
Yes. I said it. There is not a thing about this up on their myspace or their official website tours section as far as I can see, and I've been checking these websites in futile expectation for ages now. BUT, a search in wild, forlorn hope let me to go here, where you will find tickets for:

20th OCTOBER LONDON Underworld, Camden
24th OCTOBER BRISTOL Carling Academy Bristol

I have no idea about how likely this is to be cancelled or whatever. I don't even want to assess likelihoods or think about the fact that the Carling Academy Bristol website doesn't actually list the Kittie show yet. I just want to think about getting to see Kittie live at last...

Also, I found a load of good quality videos of the original Spit-era line-up playing live (Suck Choke and there are others), which is cool because I thought you could only get the Ozzfest and Conan appearances. However I didn't know they released a DVD until recently and I don't think that these videos ever showed that high on searches for Kittie until lately. Anyone know if they ever did any other Ozzfest videos other than for the track 'Spit'?

And! If anyone has JustABunchOfFuckedUpKids, I would be amazingly happy if you could upload it!

Has anyone here met the band after shows &c.? What are they like in person?

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