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I am glad morgan is ok


August 19, 2007

Baltimore, Maryland


The thing that I’ve always loved & hated about going to rock concerts is that you never know what you’re gonna see...some nights you see a standard show that’s very similiar to ever other performance & some nights there are technical difficulties like a guitar string breaking or gear breaking down, which is also kinda standard when a band is playing on a tour, but then there’s the “other” things that you see that make a rock concert really bad...I’ve seen alot of things happen at shows & tonight I saw a first & it’s a really thing I have to report as well.

The band Kittie were headlining a show tonight @ Sonar in Baltimore, Maryland, & I (Bob Suehs) pride myself in the fact that I’ve had a long running, working friendship with the band & I always cover their shows when they play this area & we always do an in-person interview, & we have a good repor...tonight I had another great interview with the band (Morgan, Mercedes & Tara) & I figured it was going to be another great performance from Kittie, as usual, BUT, this particular show was cut short by some asshole who decided he was going to grope Morgan.

Ok, let me set it up exactly as I saw it: Morgan jumped off the stage with her mic in hand & stood against the rail on the inside of the barricade that seperated the crowd from the band...I didn’t even see a need for the barricade up until this point, because the crowd was small & it seemed to be a decent crowd with no problems, until some asshole decided to grab Morgan’s boobs when she got up close to the crowd & when I saw it happen, in all honesty, I wasn’t even sure if I saw what I thought I saw..I had to ask other’s what happened & needless to say, this made Morgan erupt...she jumped back on the stage almost immediatly & it was clear from the expression on her face that she was pissed off & upset..Morgan ran to the back of the stage where she grabbed her guitar & the first thing that struck me was the feedback that was coming from her was loud & Morgan acted as if she didn’t even notice it because she was pissed off & when her sister Mercede’s got wind of what happened, all hell broke loose & Mercede’s jumped from behind the drum kit & grabbed the mic & began yelling at the asshole that violated her sister. I had my camera in hand while Mercede’s went off at the guy, & because I consider Morgan, Mercedes & Tara to be friends, I will not post the video, but I did post a few stills, & this turned out to be the last song, which was appropriatley enough, “Everything That...” Morgan commented that someone should “beat that guys ass” & sure enough, it DID happen!

Morgan commented that it was sad that the show had to end like that, but she was too upset over the incident, & if that situation wasn’t bad enough, the next 3 minutes are when things got bad though...the crowd knew who groped Morgan & the crowd took it on themselves to rectify the situation, & there was a guy who was beat up pretty freakin’ bad & I actually saw club security people going into the crowd with some sorta club/bat/baton in their hands to break up the situation & this is the first time I’ve ever witnessed a situation where someone in the crowd violated a performer who was trying to connect with the fans, & then the crowd turned into an angry mob & got revenge for their dissed idol.

I personally apologized to Morgan as soon as she came from the backstage area, because Ifelt horrible that she was violated like that & although she was upset, Morgan took it like a trooper & even after that bad situation, she made it a point to come out & sign a few autographs & take pics with her loyal fans. There was definitley a chill of sadness amongst the fans that this incident happened & all I can say is, I’m truly sorry you had to endure this Morgan, you’re one of the sweetest rock star’s I’ve ever met & it’s just sad that this had to happen. It's NEVER ok to violate someone's space like that & it's a sad statement that a great rock show was cut short because some asshole wanted to cop a feel!

I will post my full show review with more pics & my interview that I conducted with the 3 Kittie girls in a few days, so hang tight
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