Crystal (xlikewolvesx) wrote in _kittie_,


Who got it?

Love it? Hate it? What's your thoughts on it?

I, personally, love it. I think it's Kittie's best album to date. Morgans vocals range from the sweetest singing and amazing harmonies to metal as fuck growls. Tara brings so much to the band with her insane guitar skills..Never thought I would hear a Kittie album with solos and a guitarist that actually plays lead parts rather than just copying Morgan. Trish is great on bass..Everything That Could Have Been and Around Your Heart are awesome.
Morgan and Mercedes..we all know they are amazing already, and they just proved it once again with Funeral For Yesterday, and I love the fact that this time Mercedes actually put some vocals on the album..homegirl is fucking brutal, there is NO denying that.

Right now my favorite tracks are:
Last Goodbye, Will To Live, Slow Motion, Everything That Could Have Been, and The Change..but the whole album is just amazing, and I can't get over it.


There are some new pictures up at

and there's an e-card type thing with a shit load of pictures(including some from the FFY video shoot), wallpapers, icons, videos and more. The link for that is

Don't forget to check them out on tour with Walls of Jericho, Dead To Fall, 36 Crazyfists and In This Moment.
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