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Jack Ponti Rocks.

He recently posted on the Kittie's the post for those of you that don't go on there.

Man, so many questions and I'll throw my two cents in as much as I can.

Is there going to be a DVD?
Yes. A DVD will be included with the CD, it has some real cool behind the scenes footage of the recording, photo shoots, etc. and we felt we needed to add some value and show some appreciation.
It runs about 45 minutes give or take.

FFY promo video:
That wasn't meant for viewing right now but Kittie feels very strongly about keeping it available and so do we.
I have worked with a lot of artists but Kittie loves their fans more than most do, so they win!
It does look like a cool video now that I see it in that light.
Maybe it will be.

Video symbolism:
Lots of on target comments, it's all about rebirth.

MySpace etc.:
New song snippets coming soon and photos.

Guitars used on the record:
Hamer Vector
Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Reissue
Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page Model
1953 Fender Telecaster
1960 Danelectro
1980s DiMarzio Hybrid

Guitar solos?
You bet and Tara shreds!

Bass playing:
Trish kills on every song and how she doesn't hate me for what I put her through, I don't know.

Mercedes is my favortie drummer of all time, she was amazing to work with. When I sent the record to Kevin to mix it, his first comment was who the Hell is the drummer? This is from a guy who worked on Zeppelin.

Morgan sings her butt off on this record and wait until you hear the heavy stuff.
The record is split in two with FFY being the lighter side. The heavy side is HEAVY.
Morgan worked until she dropped and really went way beyond the limit.

The most talented and hard working band I have ever been around.
The record is crushing and I can't wait until you all hear it.

And if you haven't seen the Promo video, here is the youtube link:

Incase you are wondering who Jack Ponti is, he produced the new album.
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