Crystal (xlikewolvesx) wrote in _kittie_,

Kittie to record 4th album in July!!

We are pleased to announce that we will finally be entering the studio on July 15th, 2006, to record our fourth full length release! The album will be produced by Jack Ponti, a veteran of the music industry, who has worked with everyone from Bon Jovi, Doro, to Skid Row and Alice Cooper. He will be coming out of a 15 year retirement to work with Kittie!

Also on board is Kevin Shirley to mix the album, who has worked with such bands as Slayer, Iron Maiden, HIM and Silverchair...

The ladies are also pleased to announce the formation of their brand new record label, Kiss Of Infamy Records, under which the new album will be released (along with the help of some major label distro and a partnership with The Platform Group)..

More details about distro and album details soon to come!


This is pretty awesome.
Mercedes should be adding her vocals on there too, and if you saw them live, you know it's going to be fucking brutal.

Tell you're friends..Kittie's going to take over the world!
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