Sarah Victoria (hlfchcknhlfsqrl) wrote in _kittie_,
Sarah Victoria

Last night i went to the Kittie concert at Orlando.

this is what i wrote in my journal (cause it's friends only)

kittie last night was awesome. although i am sad that katy couldn't come, i had a great time anyway.

there were 3 bands before kittie came on, and i was getting fed up with it, and stephen started having chest pains by the 3rd band.

the first band that was up kicked ass! they were from Orlando, so that makes them awesome. the second band was ok, but the band memebers mom's were standing right next to me, so i talked to them for a while. One of them got thrown down by the mosh pit (like CPo and I did during Battle of the Bands) and i helped her up. I asked if she was ok, and she reponded "I'M SO PHYSCED! I GOT CARDED TODAY AND I'M 50, AND I GOT THROWN DOWN BY A MOSH PIT! I FEEL LIKE A MOSH PIT VIRGIN!" gosh, what an awesome mom.

we were almost close to the band, but there were fat guys and mexicans in front of us. this one girl in front of us OD'd and had to be dragged out by her boyfriend.

i went into the mosh pit during oracle, and got out when they played What I Always Wanted (actually, i think everyone stopped by that time cause everyone loves that song).

Mercedes looked BEAUTIFUL! She sang background vocals, and when she did, she looked like a goddess with her hair blowing behind her from a fan. I respect her more than ever because playing drums is hard enough, but singing as well, it's just amazing.

i had been sick monday, and my throat was sore by the time the concert came around. i lost my voice.

Even though i have more respect for mercedes, i still love morgan!
Morgan: "Let's bust this place up and rip some pussy!"
Guy next to me: "I LOVE PUSSY!"

and before kittie came on, a person with a camera stuck their hand out and took a picture of us. I wonder who that was.

and now i am home alone, throat sore, voice gone, and i couldn't feel more complete.

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