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Request A Layout

Be specific.. so you're wish is our comand

·×·°LaYoUt HeLp·×·°
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated

1* Please Join the community BEFORE you post
2* Please use the form below to request your layout, and please be specific in your request, so we know EXACTLY what you want.
3* Pleae be kind, if we get any rudeness, we may not help you. We're here to help, remember. =)
4* We don't make layouts that look exactly like another LJ's, but similar, we're not stealers!
5* If you aren't part of the staff, please ask before you help someone posting here.
6* Please do not put your request in a comment box
7* Do not forget to credit _kisstocheek if we ask you to. We don't ask this be mean, we just want out community to be more popular, and we don't want you getting credit for our work. <3
8* Please do not email or IM any of the staff to request something, that's what this community is for.
9* And finally, please put all requests in an LJ cut.

Follow those rules, and everything will go smoothly.

If you would like to be part of our layout staff, simply join the community, and make a post saying politly you want to. After a moderator sees your post, we will assign you a layout to make to see what you can really do. At this time, the first 10 people that want to become staff members, will not have to do that though. You can also IM me on aim, [xxpoetikchikxx] to ask to join. However, don't IM me requesting a layout, or I'll block you.

If you want to request a layout, copy/paste this in your post, and fill it out. Thanks.

Style you would like to use: Generator, ect..

Title: Title you want your browser to display

Background Image: Please give us the link to the background you wish to have on your journal.

Background Image Placement: Where on your journal do you want the background to go?

background color: If your background image doesn't take up the whole screen, what color would you like to make it? Leave this blank if you want to be white.

background scroll: do you want your background fixed (in one place), to scroll and keep repeating, or to scroll and not repeat?

Scrollbar Colors:


Font size~

Font color~

Cursor~ nw-resize, n-resize, ne-resize, default,
w-resize, move, e-resize, auto,
sw-resize, s-resize, se-resize, pointer,
text, wait, help, crosshair

link color~

link effects:horizontal flip, vertical flip, blur, glow, drop shadow, wave, or shadow.

entry table color~

entry alignment: Right, left, middle, top left, bottom left, ect..

entry border type: solid, dashed, dotted, or double.

entry border size: from 1 to 10. 1 being small, and 10 being BIG. 2 is the most common size

border color: be specific use hex codes if you are unsure.

Comment links: Post comment=your phrase and #comments=your phrase

Number of entries per page choose from 1 to 20

e-mail address~
Screen Name for aim[if you have it]~