Rebecca (akita_tenshi) wrote in _kisstocheek,

This should be more helpful in what i want for a layout.

Comment links text: 990000
Comment link alignment: right
Picture to use between comment links: none
Background picture:
Background picture position:: top center
Background scrolling: no repeat
Background color: 000000
Font type:Bradley Hand ITC
Font size:12
Font color:990066
Page title: Out of the shadows
Page Cursor: cross
Text Alignment: center
Link Colors:
- Unvisited:990000
- Visited:990000
- Active:990000
- Hover:990000
Link Decorations: none
- Unvisited:
- Visited:
- Active:
- Hover:
Scroll bar colors:EEEEEE outline 000000 inline
Border type: double
Border thickness: 2
Border color:EEEEEE
Entry position:Center
Entry box color:000000
Other details: none
E-mail address:


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