Help please.

      I have recently returned to LJ after being gone a few years and I am at a total loss on how to use this new system. All I want to do is find a code with a side bar where I can use my own colors, header ect.... I don't know coding but I can usually do that much. the problem is, is that I don't know how to go about it; nothing I am doing works. I end up with black text and white every thing else. Can someone please point me to a code that has a side bar where there is an about me area and a place for links as well as the dummie area that will show me how to use it. I am feeling so stupid about now.


hi i need a layout for my online shop
it would be nice if you could help!! thanks !! (:
it would be good if it's something like that!!

style you would like to use-generator
tittle- shopaholic
background image-none
background image placement-none
background color-white
background scroll-fixed
scrollbar colors-normal is fine
font size-12
font color-black
cursor -normal
link color-black
lick effects-normal
entry table color-white
entry alignment-center
entry border type-no border
entry border size-none
border color-white
comments link-post comment-post comment and comments -comments
number of entries per page to choose from-5


Thanks so much in advance!! 
(KOH) Hope

The Farmer's Son


Title: The Farmer's Son
Author: ConnerTiernan
Pairing : Orlando/Viggo
Rating: G - NC-17
Beta: </a></font></b></a>willys_digs
Disclaimer: I don't know Orlando or Viggo. This is not real or ever would happen. I am not making any money from this.
Summary: Orlando is a young Amish man getting ready to enter into his "Rumspringa" or running around years. Its a rite of passage every Amish person takes before joining the Amish Community and starting a family. Orlando hadn't planned on taking a rumspringa, but when a man enters into his life he can't help but want to spend some time with him. Now Orlando must beside between his Amish family and beliefs and a man he might be in love with.
Notes: I have dyslexia, so my spelling and grammar is not great. I thought this idea for a story was a good one, and I wanted to share it so please forgive me.

Previous Chapters

Part 11 ~ Dear Orlando )

(no subject)

background color: black.

Scrollbar Colors: black and white.
scrollbar-base-color: white
scrollbar-track-color: white
scrollbar-face-color: white
scrollbar-highlight-color: white
scrollbar-3dlight-color: white
scrollbar-darkshadow-color: white
scrollbar-shadow-color: white
scrollbar-arrow-color: black

Font~ times new roman.

Font size~ 10

Font color~ black

Cursor~ nw-resize

link color~ gray

link effects: shadow

entry table color~ white

entry alignment: center

entry border type: dashed

entry border size: 2

border color: gray.

Comment links: Post comment=comment and #comments=comments

Number of entries per page choose from 1 to 20- 5

e-mail address~
Screen Name for aim[if you have it]~ rhymeswithnicole


Style you would like to use: Generator

Title: Think of me

Background Image: I have this picture on my photobucket if it helps..

Background Image Placement: bottom left
background color: white

background scroll: fixed

Scrollbar Colors:


Font size~

Font color~

Cursor~ regular

link color~

link effects:

entry table color~

entry alignment:

entry border type:

entry border size: from 1 to 10:

border color:

Comment links: Post comment= think of me
#comments= thoughts

Number of entries per page choose from 1 to 20: 10

e-mail address~
Screen Name for aim[if you have it]~ minicheers613

basically I want a layout like this one at
however, I can't get the background picture to show up which is why I put it on my photobucket.
Any help is much appreciated! Thanks! -Kayla

(no subject)

Title: LectroZombi

Background Image:  can i have this > as the wallpaper =

Background Image Placement: all over? like wallpaper

background scroll: fixed, please

Scrollbar Colors:

haha SUPRISE ME, pinks/hues/shades of it!


Font size~kindof big my eyes are bad haha

Font color~ whatever is easiest to see!

Cursor~ nw-resize, n-resize, ne-resize, default,
w-resize, move, e-resize, auto,
sw-resize, s-resize, se-resize, pointer,
text, wait, help, crosshair

link color~ yellow

link effects:horizontal flip, vertical flip, blur, glow, drop shadow, wave, or shadow.

entry table color~ dont know what that means...if it means where your supposed to type? then yellow!

entry alignment: ?????! go crazy with it..

entry border type: double

entry border size: five

border color: lime green

Comment links: Post comment=speak up and #comments=be nosey

Number of entries per page choose from 10!
Screen Name for aim[if you have it]~ PINKERTONPLAID 

thank you!!!
i'm desperate for a change!

(no subject)

My layout is already done but it seems that the header image is positioned
too high when viewed in Mozilla. In all the other internet browsers it looks
fine. Also, the scrollbar on my journal in Mozilla looks different than it
does in all the other browsers.
What do I need to do? Help!

Thanks in advance!
Bella Luna

(no subject)

Hey, I don't have a request, but I do have quite a problem.

I was tweaking with my LiveJournal a bit and decided I was sick of my old layout and tried to make myself a new one. And I like it.

But my comment links have magically disappeared even though I HAVE comment link codes in my overrides. Anyone know something that could possibly fix this? Thank you!