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_kissmyfist is a community based on the [soon to be revived] kissmyfist diaryring. members can catch up with one another, post photos, artwork, poetry, music, thoughts, rants, et cetera. members are encouraged to use the community to meet new people, comment on posts, support their peers, and generally feel welcome and [somewhat] at home ♥.

THIS IS A CLOSED COMMUNITY. members are added by invitation or request of acceptance. if you wish to join, please contact one of the moderators via email, IM, or lj comment [information below.] your acceptance will be based on the following three aspects:
// CONTENT [["today i went to school and i spilled milk on my favorite purse and now it is a mess and omg, i'm going to die." is not acceptable kissmyfist material. such entries are fine once in awhile, but we would like to read things more profound than the ruin of a louis vuitton bag.]]
// FRIENDLINESS [[if you're bashing everyone and everything, it's likely you won't be accepted]]
// GRAMMAR [[if u spell lye dis an use intrnt slng too often or TyPe LiKe ThIs, it is an automatic out.]]

if you would like to suggest a livejournal user for membership, please do so by using the contact information below. it would be greatly appreciated.

i will ask the co-moderators for their opinions when someone requests to be added, and we will make a collective and informed decision. if you are not accepted, one of us will contact you with reasons why.

01 // no bashing other members, please. if you have something to say or an issue to deal with, please do it privately and separately from the community.
02 // please use lj cuts when you are posting photos or artwork or incredibly huge posts; some of us are not hip with the anti 56k movement yet.
03 // promoting other communities is fine, as long as you don't do it repeatedly [in posts on after another, linking the site one hundred times in a single post, et cetera.] it gets annoying.
04 // posting surveys, questionnaires, and the like is okay as long as you use an lj cut and do not use the community solely for that purpose or do it too frequently.
05 // if you are not accepted right away, do not repeatedly email us for a response. we are very busy and this community is not a majormajor priority. we know what we have to do and we promise to get it done as efficiently as possible. however, if you are still waiting for a response after two weeks, please contact one of us.

creator / moderator
       ♥ NESS
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      ♥ JANEA
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      ♥ KATIE
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thank you for your interest.
please contact any of our moderators
for answers to questions or comments.
enjoy ♥


thank you ica
thank you britta
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