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alright you want a theme!?!?! youre gonna get a fuck loada theme
=) because.. im obsessed with my two dogs.<3

k introo.
this is Cody [he's a doberman/smooth coated collie mix] when he was about 4 months old..

and. then he sorta had a growth spurt [7 months?] and got. fucking huge while still looking like a silly puppy

now hes.. sort of grown into his big..ness. only.. he still looks silly and fucking adorable

hes very propper.. hahaha. also..he has a moustache. hahaha.

when we first got him in march..he was a little bit smaller than my other dog Pepper

and now hes twice her size

heres more of my 7 year old lab/bull terrier mix Pepper
contrastlikewhoa. and closeup. because i love her.

aand you can hardly see her because shes soo dark


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