Baelynn Noelle (calculates) wrote in _kiss_bangx,
Baelynn Noelle


totally unrelated to this community, but if anyone can help me with this writing thing i'm doing, it'd be greatly appreciated. i have a bet with several people that if i can get something of mine published, then i wouldn't have to: a. go to college, b. go to work anymore [all finances will be paid for by parents..etc.], c. get a lot of money from certain friends, and i want to know if this short-story-esque thing i wrote is goood enough, and since i love a lot of you, it'd be nice to hear some opinions. so im me: inform the pilot


oooh sheeet it's my boyfriend. he's my pet though...
sorry bout the bad picture.. that was taken with a 2 dollar disposable camera..
but you get the idea

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