May 24th, 2005


Shoot Me Down

Name: bob

Age: 17

Location: pennsylvania

Sex: guess

Boyfriend/Girlfriend?(pics would rule): no

Bands (10): france gall, madonna, kylie minogue, britney spears, christina aguilera, trina, coil, cher, xtc, sparks,

Movies (3): desperate living, foxy brown, billy madison

Books (5): ew, who reads, books, disgusting, the internet

Tell us a band that you don't think we've heard of and should listen to: les 4 copines

Tell us a bit about you (about 5 sentances): kan j'étais une petite fille, j'ai demandé a maman: «que serai-je? serai-je belle, serai-je riche?» c'ci é c'kel m'a dit: «que sera, sera, cki s'pass'ra, pass'ra»


Abortion: sweet

SXE: gross

Teen Sex: sweet and gross

Gay people: gross

Why do you think we should accept you?:

Did you steal my marker pen!??!?!: shut up

What do you think of the mods??

_deathdisco? Beautiful

soulxdoubt? Siq, Brah

Promote us in 3 communitys and your userinfo using the code at the bottom of user info and link it: no

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