April 14th, 2005


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Hope all you gals are doing well
got my second check today *yeah* from my new job. been there a lil over two wks and already i'm helping to train others :) and its nice i feel that i'm fitting in quite nicely fairly quickly. :)
Sadly i haven't seen my honey since sunday, and am now just getting over a cold as well that i've had since sunday as well. i hate being all stuffy and congested *arg* but i'm glad that its winding down and even more so that i'll be able to see Josh *hehe* on Saturday after work *yeahness* (does lil happy dance) i miss him so much and hate being away from him-

anyways- sry not more interesting and sry i haven't been active too much- with work and all its been nuts- and even when i am home my sister, mom or dad is almost always on here - so i do my best, get'n online when i can :)

hugs all


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