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shoot me down


Name: Natalie

Age: 21

Location: houston TX

Sex: female

Boyfriend/Girlfriend?(pics would rule): boyfriend and hes going to kill me for this
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Bands (10):
~a thorn for every heart
~hawthorne heights
~this day and age
~armor for sleep
~scary kids scaring kids
~circa survive
~my american heart
~hidden in plain view

Movies (3):sweet home alabama, cinderalla story, underworld

Books (5): the summer before- patricia windsor, time in anytime- caroline b. cooney, you dont know me- david klass, cant name ne more off hand i dont read often besides AP

Tell us a band that you don't think we've heard of and should listen to: scary kids scaring kids

Tell us a bit about you (about 5 sentances): i dont know what i want for the most part in anything. i go off feelings for just about everything. i love the beauty of nature. For the most part, i try and take nothing for granted. my friends and family r the most important thing in my life.


Abortion: it is the persons descison but after the baby is already developing, say like almost months pg. i do consider that killing a baby. before that its only an egg.

SXE:people that are considered this label are way tooo pushy, well the ones ive met. I know its a lot better to not do nething bad but I do choose to do them sometimes and I think its my descison.

Teen Sex: its really up to the person but i do think protection is a big thing. i have a daughter and even though i love her to death i should have waited until after i turned 20.

One other thing of your choice:politics- i dont think they even care about the country for the most part. i think they r there to further their carrer and get rich. there is many 10% maybe not even that much that give 2 shits about this country.

Why do you think we should accept you?: i need to joiin more communties and i want more friends that listen to the same music i do.

Did you steal my marker pen!??!?!: it was pretty and i didnt steal it. i will return it tommorow. :)

What do you think of the mods??

_deathdisco? brutaly honest is the best and i respect people who are.

soulxdoubt? you seem majorly cool because ur likes include tatts, photography, piercings, atreyu, stars and the underworld!!!

Promote us in 3 communitys and your userinfo using the code at the bottom of user info and link it:

my pictures>>>
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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