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Name: Brianna

Age: 16

Location: San Jose, CA

Sex: Female

Boyfriend/Girlfriend?(pics would rule): Nope

Bands (10): Fear before the march of flames, BANE, Circle takes the square, Heavy Heavy Low low, Dance floor murder, Avenged sevenfold,the blood brothers, converge, bury your dead, the bled

Movies (3): House of wax (I liked it), Harold and kumar go to whitecastle, A clockwork orange

Books (5): Marilyn Manson autobiography, Night, hairstyles of the damned, the vampire lestat, Sid vicious biography

Tell us a band that you don't think we've heard of and should listen to:
Heavy Heavy Low Low (they are going to be HUGE really soon)

Tell us a bit about you (about 5 sentances): Uh, I am a photographer, dont judge me on my photography here, if you want to see some, ask. I am german, and 5'3. I like shoes. I live for local shows.
I am not all anti-abortion, but Im not totally for it. I believe that it is wrong to take a life, because somehow abortion is murder. I also believe that if a female is not fit to take care of the child and feels it would be too emotionally painful to give it up, I think that it is her choice to make.
SXE: More power to them. i could NEVER be SXE, i mean I could. But I dont want to be. I like me cigarettes and my margaritas. I dont think i could quit smoking. mostly because I dont want to. But I have many SXE friends and i support them in it, and try not to drink or smoke around them
Teen Sex: I dont think its a bad thing. Its ok as long as both of you want to do it, and you use protection. dont be a fool, wrap y our tool.
One other thing of your choice: ?? I dont know. sorry

Why do you think we should accept you?: Because I love rating communities. and Im harsh, but fair.

Did you steal my marker pen!??!?!: Probably not

What do you think of the mods??

_deathdisco?GORGEOUS. I really like the info and how it looks. thats why i joined.

soulxdoubt? he looks like a nice guy. hes cute. if you do you make the stamp banners, thats cool, i make my own for my community.

Promote us in 3 communitys and your userinfo using the code at the bottom of user info and link it:

And because were shallow
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