Name: LuLu
Age: 17
Location: Oklahoma
Favorite Bands: five iron frenzy, FFTL, blood brothers,Le Tigre, the killers, Pedro the Lion, straylight run, hellogoodbye, mewithoutyou
Music dislikes:i hate bright eyes, coheed and cambria, the white stripes, and i'm not big on hot hot heat. i know a bunch of my hate bands are gonna piss people off.. especially bright eyes... but.. i just can't stand connor oberst. he's hott though.
Idol: ♥Debborah Harry♥
Turn ons: boys in girl jeans and lip rings
Turn offs: i HATE when people flip up their collars. metro is a cute style.. but come on.. that's just annoying.
Interesting Things About yourself: i make most of my own clothes(unvamp_clothing)<- we have an LJ.. it's my boyfriend and mines co., and i'm scared of fish.. that's about the only interesting thing about me.
Person You Fantatize About: haha... taylor hanson.. he's just so pretty.
Where did you hear about our community?: a promo on another community


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my boyfriend and i boyfriend and i

yeah, i look like a gay guy, i know.. .. but i think gay guys are hott.. so..i'm gonna post this pic anyway.