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Just curious, comment on this post if your an active user of Livejournal.

Any one here have been or going to see KISS with Motley Crue and The Treatment on the Tour?? I am going tomorrow night with my daughter in St. Paul, MN.




Hey, I've got these lying around...

I've got these lying around, and I need to unload some stuff to help pay rent.

WOuld anyone like these?

Pics under the cutCollapse )

But yeah, if you think you want anything, drop me a line via private message or e-mail (heywoodhead@yahoo.com).

Thanks for looking.

Jan. 18th, 2009

today i overheard a phone conversation from my grandmother (who i take care of) and the lady told her to wait till I'm gone and rip all my posters down...

it got me thinking what is my collection worth?

Ive looked for the trash can i have two of. not these newer ones from the coffee house, but the old tall ones with pictures of a live concert from i believe 1978...

anyone know of a data base for things like this, like the old circus dolls and such too?

Gibson's Dark Fire guitar

Have any of you heard about Gibson's Dark Fire guitar?

It's kind of epic. It can produce any tone and switch to acoustic as well. It launches in a few days.

I wonder if any of the KISS guys will get it. They play Gibson Guitars and I imagine it would be amazing for them to have on stage , and also in the studio.

Let's all pitch in and buy one for them, hah:

more info here:


Hey, everybody. I'm getting rid of a bunch of my Kiss shirts as I dont' wear them anymore. I figured I'd see if any of you would want 'em.
They range from the Psycho Circus Tour to the Rock The Nation Tour.

Pics under the cut...Collapse )

They're all in great condition, and a couple have barely been worn.
They're just too big for me now.

Send me an offer through e-mail at heywoodhead@yahoo.com, or use the Private Messaging system LJ's got now.
In your offer, please include about $5 to ship a shirt(s) via priority mail.
Obviously, if you want all of 'em, the shipping will just be the flat rate priority box, and you'll get 'em all. I'm willing to let these all go for a fair price. Just include $9.80 for the Flat-Rate Priority Mail box.

PLease take these off my hands, someone.
No offense to any Tommy Thayer fans here, but this is sacrilege.

hello, everyone!

Hey, everyone. I'm moving soon, and I was going through my closet, and found some Kiss t-shirts I've not worn... probably since I moved into my current residence, and probably won't wear again.

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As I’m sure you all already know, the third season of Gene Simmons Family Jewel starts tonight! Don’t forget to tune in at or set your tivos for 10/9C on A&E. To celebrate, we have a fun widget for you that you can put on Facebook, MySpace, iGoogle, Netvibes, etc. You can grab the widget here: http://www.genesimmonsfamilyjewelswidget.com/ Hope you like it and see you tonight!

~LaShaunda with A&E