February 19th, 2004



This is a brief introduction to this growing community. We have been open now for about a week and already have a few members. I know this community is small but it is our hope it will grow in time. We will of course try to answer as many questions as possible but bear with us. The Managers are very busy. As the community grows (and it will) members will begin to put their own opinions in and answer questions. Posting is encouraged but not required. Keep checking back for more updates as this site continues to expand. Our rules page will be up shortly. Please take the time to educate yourself on them.
- Nimkaru
(melody_chan) melodicons

Welcome to everyone...

Hello, I'd like to take a moment to welcome everyone to _kinnecting_ livejournal community. Feel free to use this community for journaling, discussions, notes of discovery about yourself or your kin belief, keeping a diary of your experiances in regards to being kin or kinness, or to ask questions.....

There is so many options for using this community, I hope everyone will enjoy their stay here. I'm also looking forward to meeting some of you here :).

Using the name SSilverStar here :).
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XD_inc Purple

so thankfull

thank you everyone who has made me feel so welcome here and speaking with me it makes me feel much better knowing there are others that know how I feel...

My Thanks,
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