February 16th, 2004

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Hello to my new friends

Hello let me itroduse my self my name is Ara and I am 15 and I found out about otherkin last year but I knew about myself before then but I still have big Qs does anyone have As... let me tell u how my atreal form looks and some of my abiltys...ok how my astal form looks, its the real me, wings kind of like dragonfly like but they are black,my skin is light silver really pale my body is like a elf or fariey but long thin I have black claws on my feet and hands in the center of my chest is a cryistil and I have scales but they are really only over the more tender places,my ears are wolf like but some times they are elf like(that I dont understand),fangs too but not like vamp more like wolves or a cat oh I almost for got I have like a living tatoo its a vine or something it moves and stuff mabey simbisos or something, thes things some time influinse the phyiscal plane I can do things that normal ppl can't,(strange thing in the "real" world my finger nails are poisonous.)my abilitys are, visons, empathic, healing others,my site hearing and seanse of smell are truly inhuman,(oh yea I short out electrical stuff and I can't use a compass cause it says I am north all the time watches stop all the time too. ) I astral travel a lot to but thingies try and falow me but I fri them with golwing thingis I know ppl say u shoundnt go alone cause u could get hurt but I have a raven,wolf,big cat,and dragon falowing me all the time they take turns its usely the raven or the wolf.

well any way if any one knows what I maybe please tell meeee!
or if u have any thing to say post a note or write me...^_^

p.s. just rembered something when I am around someone that has a specal abilty they usely can't use it for some reson dose any one know why?
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