so, *is* anyone going up to Kin'north...

...that maybe I could hitch a ride with? I figure you could at least see my journal and all, to determine what brand of (non-)psycho I might be, and see if you'd be willing to offer me a ride. The train takes a couple of days each way, since I'd have to go from bottom of Vermont to NYC and then back up and beyond again...

any ideas, please? Thank you!

I have a question (x-posted)

I have a question...ok so afew questions...

Can anyone tell me about drow/dark elves? (NOT the DnD variety)

Can anyone tell me about shadow elves?

Can anyone explain the difference (if any) between dark and shadow elves?

I"ve been trying to find this out but so far have had little luck. Also any general info on elves of a darker (not evil, just darker) sort would be appreciated ^_^

Thanks in advance,

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It's that time of year to begin planning...

KinVention North is in four short months. Okay... four medium sized months, then.

A gathering of otherkin in an environment that fosters socializing, communicating, talking, sharing, learning and more... hanging out and just being.
Responsive, as e'er, to the wishes of the attendees. Workshops, seminars, round tables and adventure.

Guests, friends and family.
And this part of Canada is not THAT cold during KinVention's time of year.

Itinerary, information, pre-registration forms and contact are all available on the site.


hey everyone...

haven't posted in a while...

and i hope you all don't hate me for this...

i'll even delete it if you want me to...

but i figured that there are alot of creative people in this community (and all the others i'm x-posting this to)...

so please, check my community out!!

Welcome to all new members

I want to thank wach of our new members for joining. The community growing fast we hope that you are finding this community to be a place to find answers and place your thoughts for others to read and comment on. Each new member has been aproved to post is you applied on or before 03\26\04.
Kinnectin Otherkin Community Management


My site is finally finished. I wanted to post the url here so I can get suggestions from my target audience. Suggestions, tips, additional information, will be greatly appreciated. Please bare in mind though, certain areas are still being worked on. (i.e. friends, credits)

~ Kayne
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