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June 1st, 2004

07:20 am
After today, slaves we will be no more.
Current Mood: accomplished

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March 24th, 2004

07:00 pm - shake yo bon bon, shake it!
model UN.  suburban children.  white boiiiiiisss.  shake your booty.  delegate dance.  i'm coming for you baby.
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: billy joel--piano man

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January 8th, 2004

08:07 pm - The Sex Disaster Men Fear Most [Rated Beyond R!]
Here’s how to avoid the phallic freak accident that can wreak havoc on your lust life.

By Theresa O’Rourke

- Bedsprings aren’t the only things that can be damaged during a sack session. Though extremely rare, it’s possible for a man to facture his penis while having sex. (Can you say ouch?) if left untreated, the trauma can hinder his sexual performance. Read on to find out how to keep his pride and joy from getting bent out of shape.

How shafts can snap
Since his member doesn’t have a bone, it can’t technically break, explains James Cummings, MD, director of the division of urology at Saint Louis University. “However, the two tubelike tissue chambers inside the penis can tear when bent too forcefully,” he explains. “First, you’ll hear a popping sound, then the elastic lining covering those chambers will fill with blood.”
In the aftermath, he’ll instantly go limp, then a sudden rush of blood will cause his penis to well and turn black and blue. “The inflammation and discoloration are so severe that urologists refer to these cases as ‘eggplant deformity,’” says Dr.Cummings.

Scholong SOS
Even if your man says that he’s too mortified to go to a doctor, you must get him to the emergency room pronto. At the hospital, a surgeon can diagnose the case and, if necessary, drain the blood and repair the tears with sutures. If he forgoes a trip to the doctor, Ira Sharlip, MD, a spokesperson for the American Urological Association, warns that the scar tissue will build up and may create a severe curvature of the penis. That could mean painful erections for him and lost of uncomfortable sex for the two of you.
What’s more, if not treated properly, the tears can mess with his penile plumbing, meaning he might have trouble urinating or develop erectile dysfunction. And the latter could result in another awful outcome: His big head might convince his little head that he’ll never measure up again or that the injury could happen a second time.

Penis Injury Prevention
According to Dr.Cummings, most cases (and again, we’re not talking about a lot here) stem from woman-on-top romps. “In that dominant position, his penis could slip out of your vagina and strike your pelvic bone as you bear down on him,” explains Dr.Sharlip. So if he slips out of you, pause the action and reinsert him manually. And never hop on top without sufficient lubrication. When you’re lubed up (naturally or with the help of store-bought stuff), the penis is less likely to bend.

Hurt by His Own Hands
Some guys have fractured their members by forving their hard-on into their pants when caught masturbating. Others, while sleeping have rolled onto their erection in such a way that they’ve injured it. Now that’s a
rude awakening!

Braine, 28, has some parting advice. “Lades, do not drink and ride,” he says. “My girlfriend was grinding on top of me, and she was so sloshed that she lost her balance and slipped too far backward and then bounced back up. I’ve never been in so much pain in my life, and I still haven’t forgiven her.”
Current Mood: soresore
Current Music: something

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January 5th, 2004

08:58 pm - Puberty Book [Sherri]
When Sherri was twelve her mom let her go to the mall for an hour after school on Fridays. Sherri went with her best friend, Holly.

They looked at all the neat clothes in the shops, went into the record store to see what new albums had arrived, and met some of the other kids at the burger stand for a soda. Then Sherri’s mom picked them up and drove them home so they could get their homework done before the weekend.

One Friday, as they were going up the escalator to the second floor of the mall, Holly, who was standing behind Sherri, saw that Sherri has a small stain on her skirt. “Your period must have started,” said Holly. At first Sheri was upset, then she realized it was no big deal.

Sherri took off the sweater she was wearing over her blouse and tied it around her waist. Holly told her, “It hides the stain, and it even looks cool!”

They went to the ladies’ restroom and Sherri used a quarter from her soda money to buy a pad from the machine there. Then she called her mom from a pay phone and asked her to pick them up early.
Sherri’s mom said, “You acted in a very sensible way.” What would you do?

c) Puberty Book. Don't sue because I don't have money.
Current Mood: amusedamused

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December 24th, 2003

07:30 pm - whoo hoo
DA got in to Madison!!! YEeeeeeeeeeAAAAAAA biotch! now i can give IB the finger and be the true Senior Slacker that is me! TAKE that! oh.. i also did very poorly on exams and grades.... but what matters is that i have been accepted into college, and therefore don't have to give a piece of shit care about grades.. etc.. until the IB exams *sigh* there's always something around the corner to screw me over dammit...
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: peter and gordon-- i go to pieces

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December 20th, 2003

12:04 am - Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
Okay then. You know how we were supposed to get those senior shirts and stuff this year and it never happened? Well, on the last day of ToK, Megan and I came up with a crazy idea.

And boy, do I mean crazy.

I'm currently looking at getting long-sleeve shirts made, hopefully with silk screening, with stuff on the sleeves, front, and back with all sorts of things pertaining to IB for the IB seniors. Like, on one sleeve, we'll have "It's 2AM, Get Back to Work!". I think the shirts will be blue, either royal or cobalt, with yellow lettering.

I know a place online that'll do this for about $20 per shirt. Including all the stuff I just detailed, not just the shirt alone. Since it's a store-like thing (it's Cafepress.com), ordering on a case-by-case basis would be easy, so we don't end up with 20 shirts or so with no-one buying them.

I'm thinking of opening it up to anyone who's taking 3 or more IB classes. You know, so we full diploma kids don't look any more elitist than we already do.

I pitched the idea to Kroncke and my mother (yes, I'm a dork), and both thought it was an good one. So, I want to know from some of you. What are your thoughts on this? Crazy idea, do I need to be shown to a straightjacket and rubber room, or something that could be done? What are some things you think should go on such a shirt? Stuff like that.
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: Bright End of Nowhere - Matthew Good

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November 23rd, 2003

11:35 pm
har har, i just wanted to share with you all that i had no official homework this weekend yet still managed to NOT do the bitch ass extended essay. that is all.

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November 13th, 2003

05:07 pm - IB High
another eventful day... it was lonely without all the nerds, and we were sad. everyone needs to go see our great lists of crap to do before we graduate!
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: rebecca lynn howard --believe it or not

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November 9th, 2003

07:32 pm - Puberty Book [Emma]
Since I am trying to avoid working for my extended essay I will type up yet another wonderfully entertaining story from the… Puberty Book. ^_^

When Emma was in the eighth grade, her class started sex education. Most of the kids laughed and joked around, especially when the teacher showed them drawings of men's and women's sex organs. Some boys called out crude remarks. [Like who still doesn't do this?]

Emma was quite interested in seeing what everything looked like. She thought the other kids probably were too, but were too embarrassed to admit it. Emma couldn't really believe that she had inside her all the things that were in the women's drawings because she had never thought much about her genitals.

When she was hanging out her friend Katherine in her bedroom after school, Emma said, "Do you think it would be really weird to look at yourself between the legs in a mirror?"

"Aagh, that's gross!" said Katherine. But after they talked about it some more, Katherine admitted that she was curious to see if she had everything in the right place. So they made a pact that that night, before they went to bed, each girl would take a hand mirror and look at herself. They agreed to tell each other the next day if they really did it.

Next day at recess, Emma and Katherine told each other that they had looked at themselves and they had seen all the things that were in the drawings. Now they knew much more about their own bodies. Neither of them felt weird about it at all, especially since each of them knew someone else had done it too. Emma was glad she had talked to her friend about it. What would you do?

(c) Puberty Book. Don't sue because I don't have money.
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: The Simpsons

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November 7th, 2003

09:58 am - War remix
If you havent heard, the war remix is out! Listen to it!

Current Mood: hungryhungry
Current Music: Stomach Rumblin

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