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rift n. /rɪft/ an opening made by splitting, cleaving, etc.

Peace… could only last so much longer.

The door had been closed on the darkness, this much we all knew, but how were we to know that something would open it again? What was this something’s motive to reopen all the pain, hurt… and the darkness, all over again? This created the rift in time. This created the rift in space. This connected the worlds once again and tore them apart little by little. Made us forget. Made us remember.

We began to fear the darkness again.
How it loomed.
How stars began to go out once again.
How we all soon learned…

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Reminiscence - UnRaveling

Reminiscence - UnRaveling

Sora is missing...

Sora's memories are reverting. Namine put them together, but they're slowly unraveling again... Sora is not forgetting others this time, he's forgetting himself. It began through Sora's dreams -- like his previous dreams in the past have warned him of his future. This realm is a collection of his memories and, each time he has one and forgetting his past experiences, piece by piece.

The goal is to "reset" Sora. He's had opportuinities in the past to choose the darkness and he's refused, but that's because he had something to protect and this is the Dark's fetch at the Keyblade wielder. This is now a quest for his own heart.

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It has been nearly five years since Sora closed Kingdom Hearts. The only problem was that the closing of the mythical doors did not end the spread of Darkness. Though there was peace for a short amount of time, the universe quickly deteriorated into full out war.

In Hollow Bastion, a War Council made up of the Princesses of Heart fight against the Heartless and the spreading Darkness but with each passing day the Darkness claims more worlds and more and more refugees find themselves lost among the chaos.

Traverse Town, a once safe haven for those who had lost their home, has been devastated by the terrifying Atrum Virus, an illness that kills within 24 hours and leaves its victim with a strange Heartless-like appearance. Those with Darkness in their Hearts seem strangely immune. Although many lives were lost, the Council managed to evacuate Traverse Town and quarantine the world.

What use is the Keyblade Master when worlds that have already been "saved" by him can fall to a deadly, invisible foe? Though the Council still bravely continues to fight the war, there are whispers....

We are losing.

---Game Information---

This is a multifandom Kingdom Hearts-based Role-Playing Game (RPG). The basic idea is that the war against the Heartless, begun in the video game Kingdom Hearts, has been going on for over four years. The Light and the Darkness have been fighting non-stop and right now, it looks like the Darkness is winning.

What we're going for is a deeper, more mature take on some of the ideas presented in the game. In this RPG the events of Kingdom Hearts and Chain of Memories have taken place; however, anything from KH2 hasn't happened. That's what makes this game AU.

The focus we are really going for is the consequences of a universal war against an enemy that seems undefeatable. For every Heartless that is destroyed more take its place and now the enemy has conceived of an even darker weapon.

All the information you need to be able to take up a character in Lux Perpetua can be found at our info page. Good luck!

KH2 Novel Translations - Roxas — Seven days (Book 1)

I have some more translations up.

I was planning to wait until I did the whole chapter, but here is 5 of ~12 scenes from Chapter 1

Chapter 1 — The First Day

Scenes 5 of ~12

With soft light from the window suffusing the room, Roxas slowly awakened.

“That guy again...” muttering to himself...

:) Constructive criticism/feedback/advice/comments are welcomed!

Not sure when I'll get the rest of the chapter up, but it is school holidays here next week, so hopefully I'll get some translations done.

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