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kingdom hearts
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Tuesday, December 28th, 2004

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hey i just wanted to say hi to everyone because im a new member.

well yesterday i bought kingdom hearts chain of memories. at first i was kind of hesitant cause of the card battle system but once i started playing it was a blast.

i cant wait till kh2. hopefully my bro is still here(hes going to college) cause he "owns" the ps2 if not then im in trouble.

Current Mood: happy
ugh. hmm well i was playing CoM today and i got really mad.

i know people have already posted this but is there an easier way to beat hades.

Ive tried 5 times and each time i had to hit him at least 3 more times and he would have died.

should i have potion cards or keyblade cards.

if n e one as any strategies can u please discuss them. i would greatly appreciate. thanks.

Current Mood: mad

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