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kingdom hearts
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Sunday, October 31st, 2004

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whats new on the news?
has any one heard anything new about KH2? im dieing here wait for you !

Current Mood: anxious
I wish I knew when KH2 was coming out, but I'm in the UK so I wouldn't know but I've been keeping an eye on some sites about it. I've recently been doing kingdom hearts fanart since after a while I've been doing other things like college work and poo. But yeah I got back in the role and mad bout the game and the characters once again, I've completed the game alot but cry at the end and in the middle. (If yah wanna know what part then you can ask) I've started a new game and got to Halloween Town in one day, but it doesn't take long but you have to develop your characters so much. But it rulesss all the way.

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