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kingdom hearts
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Sunday, September 5th, 2004

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Okay, SquareSoft fans, just a quick question:

Who do you think would win?Collapse )

Current Mood: amused
Hey, new to the community, new to livejournal, but I had deadjournal for a good part of 2 years. Anyway . . .

*Love* kingdom hearts, parts of it are so fricking happy I just have to laugh, some is just cheesey and fun, and KH2 looks too lovely for words. I downloaded the Deep Dive clip from the Final Mix game a while back, and I have yet to get sick of watching it.

I've gone through the game a few times now, the most fun I have with it is beating Sephiroth >)

Auron and Vincent Valentine are in the next game . . . can't wait for that =)

Current Mood: content

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