September 3rd, 2004

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YAY!!!! Mulan will be in KH 2!!! Just announcing if you havent visited the links I put before... ^_^;; I'll go look for more KH2 info now!!!

Anyways, about my day, I couldnt play Kingdom Hearts today. BIG BIG BUMMER!!!! >.< Im stuck at the last past. I just cant defeat World Chaos. Wait, was that the name? The boat where Ansem is connected to by octopus leg like stuff... >.< I jsut cant defeat it!!! >.
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I flippin' love this game to death!!! It rocks my world, and yes it's come out in the US. And I'm going to die when the second one comes out. The story, the plot, the characters, I mean EVERYTHING is great about it, oi. Well I'm now a part of this great community, and plz tell me all u all know about KH2. IM me online, read my user info for the information. c ya.