August 29th, 2004



hey whats up , i'm new to this community , i have been a kingdom hearts fan for a very long time , ever since the game came out. i'm on my 5th file, almost done with that. everytime i play i use diff tactics , and i like to try new stuff. i cant wait for kingdom hearts 2 to come out. if anyone wants to add me as a buddy you can and i'll add you back.
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Hi, i just joined this community a few days ago. Kingdom Hearts is my favorite video game out of all of the video games on thes planet. My brother has ps2 and i begged him to get it when it came out and of course he did. I was so happy, i played it like the every day for many hours, and i actually cried at the ending because it was over. haha I know i am a dork. Now i moved to Arizona from Michigan, and my brother stayed in Michigan and so i have no ps2 so im mad because kingdom hearts 2 is coming out really soon. Luckily my sister has ps2 and is moving in with us from a Nasty Divorce and now i can actually play kh2 without saving money to by a playstation 2, so im very very happy about that. =D add me if you like, and just comment saying you did, so i know to add you back :)
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