August 27th, 2004


hey i'm new here!
and i'm kinda mad cuz this summer i spent it with mom ((thats not the bad part)) anyways i took my games with me so i could play them and i think i left my kingdom hearts there
NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! and i just found all the puppys , locked all the worlds , did all the trinitys ((spelling?))
beat sepheroth OMG!!! he was a hard mother to beat ((died like 157 times! )) and i forgot it :(
and now all i want to do is play it , and so far i have drew like 55 riku , sora pics and about 3 with kairi and a million of cloud and sepheroth , :(
i'm so sad , i wish to play so bad

anyways , hi anyone want to be my friend?

i'm a girl so dont think that i'm a boy ((i get that alot with my name :( )) anywhoo
any knogdom hearts yaoi fans?
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