August 26th, 2004


newbie = me :-p

New to the community as of like 2 minutes ago. I'm in love with Kingdom Hearts, I beat the game with the ultima weapon the first time but the next time I go through it I'm going to get everything so I can get the "Another Side Another Story" movie. Recently I've been viewing loads of things for KH2 and its safe to say that the day reserves come out for this game I'm there. I've already got Chains of Memories reserved, and though I don't yet own a PS2 (I play it at my girlfriends house) I'm thinking I'm gonna have to buy one just for those games. *tearful eyes* Kingdom Hearts 2 why must you come out in october of next year!!! whyyyyyy!!!! even though thats close to my birthday... mwahahahaha... I smell a present to myself. Ahh yes hehe I seemed to have trailed off.... KINGDOM HEARTS RULES