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King Arthur Icons and Graphics

Rule your destiny...

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King Arthur Icons and Graphics

Welcome to the community dedicated to all icons and graphics of the movie King Arthur.

Before posting, however, please read the rules and guidelines that are found on this page. Remember that by joining the community (or remaining a member), you're agreeing to abide by the rules.


1) First off, all posts must stay on topic. As we all know, this is a community for posting icons and graphics about King Arthur. This includes icons and graphics of the actors of the movies out of costume, though not in other roles.

2) Posts without icons are considered off-topic and therefore not allowed. Mod posts are the only exception. Off-topic posts will be deleted. Doing this multiple times will result in you being banned from the community. This is non-negotiatable.

3) No trolling and no net-speak. Please use proper grammar and spelling. I hope I don't have to say more than this.

4) Requests are not allowed. You can go directly to an icon maker at their own journal for requests if you want but no requests will be posted in this community. If you're willing to accept requests, contact me and I'll make a list.

5) Icons that are hateful towards King Arthur are not allowed. Parody icons are acceptable but I draw the line there. Posters of hateful icons will be warned and their posts deleted. This is very rude and I hope I won't ever see any of this.

6) No stealing icons. If the icon maker asks for credit, please give it to them. It's very rude to deny them credit for something they worked hard on.

Remember that...

If you see a post that does not comply with the rules, please don't comment on it. It will be deleted as soon as possible. If you see one I haven't gotten to yet, just ignore it.

If you have more than *4* icons or any animations, the rest have to go under a cut. A visitor should never have to hit the scrollbar to read one post.

To make cut tags, type where you want the cut to begin, and then put at the end.

Keep in mind that LiveJournal is meant for people older than 13. Therefore, icons with PG-13 material is acceptable outside a cut. All icons that contain material that would be considered R of NC-17 *must* go under a cut.

How to Credit... Once the icon is uploaded, you get a page that shows all of your icons, with boxes next to them where you can insert descriptions for that icon. Put in the description and the creator's name. For example, "Lancelot by *username*". Remember to click save once you're finished.

**If you would like to become affiliated with this community please email me at quixotical8@gmail.com.

Created by: alyssaandleanne