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Children’s Place

Stories, Poems, Art, etc…

otherkin stories for children
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Hi everyone!

Children need exposure to the magical.

This is the place to put magical, otherkin, pagan and other children safe material.

If your kids have live journals, this should be a place they can come.

Bring your own stories, poems, and artwork suitable for children.

If you bring somebody else’s work, please give credit to the author or writer.

I prefer to see actual material here, as opposed to lj-cuts or links, but do as you will.

The moderator for this group is dawn_kitty

Have fun all!

Animations from Gpetz.com

The Lonely Dragon by Theresa Heine

A dragon is sad
Because everyone thinks
A dragon is fierce and brave,
And roars out flames,
And eats everybody,
Whoever comes near his cave.
But a dragon likes people,
A dragon needs friends,
A dragon is lonely and sad,
If anyone knows
Of a friend for a dragon,
A dragon would be very glad.