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oh cheesus

i love killradio. i saw them live on November 30th. that was fucking amazing, i must say. i got like 3 different things signed...a poster, a cd, and a t-shirt. i also talked to them all for about 15 minutes a piece. they're really awesome guys. they want me to make backgrounds and banners for them. :D :D i'll post those things here when i make them...but i just wanted to splurt that info out there. :D

emo kid, south park

CD for sale ...

... hey guys ...

i have a SIGNED copy of the "off with his head" EP that i am selling. i got it when they opened for Coheed & MCR at starland last summer and they were selling their own merch so i asked for their sigs. i never really got into them though, so i figure someone who loves the band deserves this more than me.

the tracklist is:
1. scavenger
2. do you know (knife in your back)
3. pull out
4. a.m.e.r.i.k.a.

the case is signed by brandon jordan, jasten king, & dirty. it does say "to diana" but you can probably overlook that or cross it out if it bothers you that much. i promise you guys they're 100% real.

i don't have an ebay sellers account so i figured this would be a good way to get the word out. i would like to sell it for at least $20, so if you want it comment to this entry, maybe we'll have an auction or something and if more than one person wants it i'll set a deadline or something. anywayyyy thats all i have to say for now. please comment rather than emailing me. thanks!

repost from myspace...

Our own Jasten King to Guest DJ on killradio.org (internet radio) this Thursday
repost it like it's hot...

Tune in to killradio.org when JASTEN KING from KILLRADIO (the band) and JAKE CHAOS from THE HORRIBLES will be special guests. They'll be squawking with JAC-JAC-JACKIE about each of their upcoming plans and latest road stories as well as spinning rare B-sides, favorite locals and random tunes from their personal collections by artists like THE BRONX, THE LICKS, THE KINISON and ANGELYNE (...yes, that billboard girl sings!).


www.killradio.org (the show) / 104.7fm in Los Angeles

www.killradiorevolution.com (KILLRADIO - the band)
www.thehorribles.com (THE HORRIBLES)
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the roxy

so yea i went to the ROXY last nite, OF course i was there to see KILLradio, and like always i was not disapointed! THEY kicked ass. It was kinda funnie to see dirty fall but i was kinda pissed at the girls he fell on, i mean come on, DIRTY is so light they could have atleast caught him and not let him fall on the floor like that. But anyway, that was my first time at the roxy, and i got to say that was the first time that i got REALLY wasted at one of killradio's SHOWS. And on a funnie note...the band METAL SCHOOL is SOFAKING FUNNIE!!!!! man if you guys have not seen them...i hear that they are on every monday at the ROXY! so go and check them out, if not for there music then for there jokes :-D i am thinking of asking the band to play at my Bday party too. i hope that they are in my price range
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