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Week 105 : Day 7 : FRU single, Daily Mail article


For Reasons Unknown cover art: viewCollapse )

The b-sides on the For Reasons Unknown single will be the Abbey Road recordings of Romeo and Juliet and Sam's Town. - thanks to Hermia!


The Killers are on the Loose from Daily Mail, 12th May 2007
by Nick Duerden.
- thanks to Green_Sharpie!

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Media Watch
The Killers will be on Radio 2 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band special on June 2


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Week 105 : Pic 4 : Brandon and Dave watching a basketball game

Toronto Raptors vs. New Jersey Nets game. May 4th, 2007. - Thanks to Leanne!

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Week 103 : Pic 6 : Brandon's view from the stage

- thanks to stace!

Week 101 : Day 5 : Beatles cover, Capital Radio ad


The Killers are to cover a song from The Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band as part of a Radio 2 special marking the album's 40th anniversary. The two hour program will air on June 2. - from Yahoo! Launch, thanks to stace!

Capital Radio's new ad campaign features shots of three London landscapes with hidden messages. Spot the hidden message in this cityscape shot.Collapse )

- More info on Guardian Unlimited. - thanks to Green_Sharpie!

Media Watch
There is an interview with Mark in Bass Guitar Magazine (March/April issue)
The Killers will be on VH1's VSPOT Top 20 Countdown on May 5


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Week 98 : Pic 1 : Brandon's Ray-Ban Wayfarers Sessions by Mick Rock

From - thanks to Rebelle329!

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Week 96 : Pic 7 : Brandon's shoes at the NME Awards

- Thanks to Jade!

Week 90 : Pic 7 : Read My Mind video shoot

Read My Mind video shoot in Tokyo, January 10th 2006. - Thanks to Leanne!

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Week 89 : Pic 7 : Christmas photos from AGBS video shoot

This is the last _killmenow_ post for the year. Thank you to everyone who has contributed Killers news and media over the year, and of course to everyone who reads/comments. We will be back sometime next January.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you in 2007! :)


From - Thanks to stace!

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Week 88 : Pic 7 : Brandon and Jon Bon Jovi, + The Killers live at Z100's Jingle Ball 2006

December 15th, 2006. - Thanks to Leanne!

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+ live at Jingle BallCollapse )

More from Jingle Ball on and GettyImages.

Week 87 : Pic 2 : The Killers at the Billboard Music Awards

Presenting the Artist of the Year award with Courtney Love. December 4th, 2006. - Thanks to Isis!

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