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Everything You Wanted to Know About The Killers and Were About To Ask...

This will get added to at a later date as I get bombarded with more questions, I suppose.

1. Who are The Killers?
The Official Site has a really nice and rather complete biography about them. It's a great starting point.

2. Where did they get their name from?
A group called 'New Order' had a film clip for their song 'Crystal', in which a beautiful, fictional band mimed their song. The fictional band were called 'The Killers' and so Brandon & Co stole the name. The clip bears some resemblance to the 'Somebody Told Me' film clip.

3. Do they have girlfriends?
They are all currently attached. Brandon is due to be married sometime soon.

4. Is Brandon gay?.
No. In a Q Magazine article, he states this:
"I'm not gay. I can't even be bothered to start some kind of intrigue about it," he says. "Bowie could nurture that sort of mystique, but this is an age where everyone knows everything about you in 10 seconds."

5. Is Somebody Told Me about a lesbian?
No. Brandon has stated many times in interviews that in the made up song, the girl had a boyfriend who looked similar to an ex girlfriend he had, and so he thought the two must be compatible.

6. Brandon must be gay. Check out the lyrics for Andy!
As far as I'm aware. 'Andy, You're A Star' is about good old fashioned high school envy.

7. What's this Murder Trilogy I keep hearing about?
'Jenny was a friend of mine' and 'Midnight Show' are two thirds of a trilogy of songs. They chronicle the murder of a girl named Jenny. In the first song, Brandon is seemingly interrogated over a crime he claims to have not committed. In 'Midnight Show', he tells the story of how the jealous murder came about. The two songs are linked with the lyric, "She said she loved me". The third song is a song called "Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf" and is supposed to explain why Jenny was murdered. It hasn't been released yet and apparently still sits on Dave's computer.

8. Where can I find pictures/screencaps?
The Killers Online has a great gallery and tons of screen caps.

9. Where can I find video files?
There are a lot of video files you can find online, all of which I know for sure, are available via the P2P program Soulseek.
Or you could try Brandon.Flirtatious.Org Aneza puts up video files from time to time.

10. What does it say on the drumkit in the US Mr Brightside video?
It says 'Genius Sex Poets'


i have some questions, so i figure, where best to ask? ;)

are there mp3s of all the unreleased songs that you've posted lyics for? i've got some of them, but others i've not heard of before/haven't been able to find.

i had another question but i forgot it.

oh! that was it... do you have a copy of the picture that the oh-so-pretty header was made with? because that is simply adorable.

Oops, I pressed reply to the wrong thing. See my comment below :(

Hello! Always seeing you around :)

And that icon. Guh.

Come to the forum
and become a member. All your Killers media needs will be satisfied. Muchly. :)

yeah, i get around a bit. ...but not in an 'omg what a tart!' kind of way. honest!

okay, maybe a little. ;)

mmm... killers media needs satisfied... don't mind if i do! :D

and mr kapranos is all kinds of hot (yay alex icons!). i'm not ashamed to admit it totally broke my heart to have to choose between him and brandon for the NME hot stuff awards!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

i don't know, i don't remember.

Brandon married?

I heard that Brandon was getting married this month and was wondering if you knew anything?

Re: Brandon married?

We're not big on talking about their personal lives here, and we do our best not to give out information that we don't regard as legitimate.

However, as soon as we find out *for sure* that Brandon is indeed married, we will let you know. It's probably of interest to everyone. I'm not saying anything until I find out from a reliable source though.

So right now, I'm thinking that nothing's happened.

Re: Brandon married?

Well, if you watch some shows theyve played and a few interviews, he is wearing a wedding ring :)

oke doke thank you


how come this website doesn't work anymore has it moved, do you know any other websites that have video files

Well, i'm curious as well to know where to get mp3's or sound downloads, that link at the beginning of the comments isn't working. it's a dead link. So.. yeah.

for reasons unknown music video

During the video there is a sign that says "Have u ever seen the light with an s" what does that mean

Re: for reasons unknown music video

In the song "Sam's Town" Brandon sings "Oh have you ever seen the lights" (in Las Vegas). "Have you ever seen the light with an s" is just a joke =)
Greetings from Germany to all Killers-Fans!