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Week 17 : Day 4 : NME festivals interview with Brandon


NME Festival Guide - The Killers from NME, 25th May 2005
- thanks to Katie for typing it up!

The Killers' Brandon Flowers reveals how, a year on, his band have gone to festival contenders to champions. Just don't mention the Bravery.

If you thought The Killers were omnipresent last summer, then there will be no escape whatsoever from them this year. The band's Saturday slot on the main stage at T In The Park is the particularly tasty filling in a sandwich that also contains headline appearances at Glastonbury and the Carling Weekend: Leeds and Reading. Singer Brandon Flowers is looking forward to the return trip to Kinross though: he's got a wheelbarrow full of new songs and a new pink jacket is being hand stitched as we speak. But will the Bravery's presence on the bill spoil the party?

So Brandon, are you mentally ready for playing in front of a bunch of tanked up Scottish hooligans wearing kilts and daggers at T In The Park?
I think so. Last time we playing in Scotland (in Glasgow) someone hit me with a beer and it when all over my keyboard. And the problem is that electronics and beer don't mix. So we were forced to stop the show. I've got a couple of back up keyboards now. But maybe we ought to stand right at the back of the stage, just in case.

Will you be sipping tea in Kinross, or getting sloshed on warm Scottish larger along with everybody else?
Erm. I've never really had a taste of tea. I've probably only had about 5 cups of tea in my whole life. So I'll probably stick with the lager, thanks very much.

Have you ever tried Irn Bru? That's a fine Scottish drink.
No. I have some Scottish in me, you know. And some Lithuanian. So I ought to give it a try.

Will you be wearing the infamous pink jacket? Or getting a new tartan one?
(laughs) I think I'll stick with the pink. Or maybe I'll get another one. Actually, I'll let you in on something - there is a new jacket. It's another pink one. But that's all I'm saying for now.

Is it waterproof? In case it's pissing it down with rain?
I'd like to hope so, yes.

You've been complaining that British audiences stand still when you play Midnight Show. Will you be stopping the show with that in T In The Park too?
(laughs) I've been saying how great British audiences are and how they really get us and our shows. But a lot of people - NME included- have said only the first half of our album Hot Fuss is any good. So maybe lots of people just don't listen to the second half. And Midnight Show is on that second half. Maybe people just haven't heard it before.

Will you be airing any new songs at your festival appearances?
Yeah. I expect we'll play about three. Probably "It's Only Natural", "Daddy's Eyes" and "Where Is She". Where Is She is actually about a girl from Scotland. She came to the show that I had beer thrown on me. She was murdered - some guy abducted her and killed her. It was terrible. And I found it really disturbing that she has been to one of our shows. So that song is dedicated to her.

How is the new album coming?
It's swell. The new songs are a lot more organic. There are a lot more organs and pianos. A lot of it's more rocky. We're trying some new things out, trying to find the right balance. But it all depends on what you've got. If you've got three or four obvious singles then it'll keep the momentum going, and help people to connect. If we have one or two songs on every record that remind people of something in their lives, it'll help our music last forever. And that's what I really want.

Are you bored of playing Mr Brightside yet?
I'm not bored of it. But we're just looking forward to playing some new songs. And writing the new album. But Mr Brightside is a strong song and we're happy that people like it and understand it. So we'll keep on playing it. I still think it's a good song, and it means a lot to me.

After your set at T, will you hand out at the Main Stage watching Keane and the Foo Fighters, or instead wander off to catch New Order and James Brown?
New Order and James Brown probably. I've heard the New Order single Krafty but not the album. I'd like to see them. I've got a soft spot for New Order.

Have you got a big tent?
Have I got a big tent?

Yes. And can you erect it?
Well, I haven't been camping since I was a small boy. Probably up in the mountains. But I haven't been for ages. I don't think I will be staying in a tent at any festivals this year. These days I prefer the Four Seasons.

What happens if you do check into the Four Seasons in the Scotland and The Bravery have checked into the room next door?
I don't know, man. I haven't really got a problem with them. I just don't understand why they are so offended to be compared to us. I just think they should acknowledge that we were before them, and that helped them get where they are. I'd just like a little respect from them, that's all.

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I had no idea that they actually sort of knew the Where Is She? girl. I thought she was just a story in the paper.

Goes to show much I've been keeping tabs.

I didn't know either, I think this is the first it has been mentioned..

I like how appropriate my icons are :)

awwww how does he no she went to their concert?
ya no wen he got beer chucked at him was that where the picture of him in the pink jacket with his middle fingers up
i have that as my display picture on msn it rules! :D

Have you got a big tent?... And can you erect it?
Did no one else see the pervy sexual innuendo here?
oh my pervy mind.

lmao!! yes i noticed as well.

I could not stop laughing.
And oh the images...


I thought Brandon *hearted* New Order 4eva? He hasn't even heard the album?
AND HE DOESN'T LIKE TEA! That's just not right!

I know! Who doesn't drink tea?

Wait - maybe he stays away from tea to AVOID any possible scalding incidents from tea spillage! Because he's all about kitchen safety yes. Oh, it's starting to make sense now.

hahaha - THAT is EXACTLY what I was thinking. If you don't pour the hot liquids, there's not much chance you're going to spill them!

I still think not drinking tea is strange and incorrect, but at least I know it's the principles with him.

Long live tea! can't understand why he doesn't like it i mean...its tea!

the comments

Does anyone else read the comments and think, "how mean"? I understand you might not mean it that way, but you guys all seem like you're making fun of his opinions, a little cynical?

the comments

Does anyone else read the comments and think, "how mean"? I understand you might not mean it that way, but you guys all seem like you're making fun of his opinions, a little cynical? (Except the whole girl, dead thing.)

Re: the comments

Are you referring to the tea comments? Because that's actually a bit of an in-joke between me and bonzabud.. we're not really fussed that he doesn't drink tea ;)


lmfao! i know it's a little too late to be commenting, but i agree with dailyscribbles! i saw the word 'erect' and i thought '...what...' funny!


wow. i just googled jodie jones's name and found the story of how she was murdered. i knew she was killed by her boyfriend but some people said she was kidnapped. her boyfriend killed her. it's a weird story.

Brandon thats a nice interview.i am also preparing for a interview of this king and my brother will be taking when he arrives to India for rakhi Celebration.