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Week 90 : Pic 7 : Read My Mind video shoot

Read My Mind video shoot in Tokyo, January 10th 2006. - Thanks to Leanne!


Someone up there loves me very much.

Maybe I gave Jesus a sexual favour in a past life.


each video keeps getting weirder and weirder...i love it
can't wait to see this one



Wasp said 1 month, 2 weeks ago: “For some reason, each hot spring map includes the text for every other hot spring too” Man, this game coding just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Good job catching up on all these posts. I know it must take a while! :)

I love Brandon in his kimono. Ronnie's make up and hair look great too, minus the beard XD <3

These images are made of squee~

this is gonna be the greatest video ever....
i love the aluminum foil hat things, reminds me of the movie signs. i thought they were supposed to protect you from having your mind read. :D

Love these pictures so much.

oh gosh Brandon would be a hot geisha without the mustache :(

Welcome Back!!!!

Welcome back! I'm so happy that my fav Killers' fansite is back in action. Great job getting all the new info posted. This site is the best. Love the pix too.....

Man, I missed you guys! Thank you so much for these pictures (and all of the other stuff you recently posted), I cannot wait for this video, it's going to be insane!


the pictures say everything
i love the killers more now than ever

read my mind pics

thank god youre back with my killer fix, i was having withdrawals LOL. i love these pics the boys look gorgeous. i think ronnie looks better without the stache but i want brandons to stay i love it!


vegas sweetness

Damn.....I love Brando....Please come back to Vegas my little baby! They are sooo awesome and I love the weird factor


Does anyone know the name of the capsule hotel featured on this video?