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Week 80 : Day 5 : Channel 4 weekend, playlist, Mark interview, Spin review, T-Minus Rock


The Channel 4 website has new Killers interviews and photos for The Killers Weekend which starts tonight. - thanks AngelEmz! reports that in addition to performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live for three consecutive nights, The Killers will participate in a Jimmy Kimmel Live comedy segment:

The Killers To Perform for Three Nights on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

In celebration of the release of their second album, Sam's Town, renowned musical group The Killers will make history as the first band ever to perform for three consecutive nights on ABC's late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

From Tuesday, October 3 through Thursday, October 5, The Killers will perform their new hit single, "When You Were Young," along with such other well-known tracks as "Mr. Brightside" on multiple "Jimmy Kimmel Live" performance arenas, including the show's outdoor Pontiac Garage Stage. Additionally, The Killers will participate in a signature "Jimmy Kimmel Live" comedy segment with Kimmel himself.

"I love The Killers," Kimmel said. "I tried to convince them to play here every night. We settled on three."
- thanks to stace!

Bones is due out at the end of November, according to Jo Whiley on Radio 1.

Two more US dates have been announced:
From the Island Rock mailing list:

Dec 6 - Phillips Arena - Atlanta, GA USA
Dec 8 - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium - San Francisco, CA USA
- thanks to TheV.I.C.T.I.M!

Tidbit from
Killers singer not happy about album reviews

The Killers' new album, Sam's Town, isn't out until next Tuesday (October 3rd), but frontman Brandon Flowers is unhappy with some of the early responses to the disc. Flowers told us that a few of the reviews coming out in the press are not what he hoped to see: "No, not really (laughs). Actually, in England and in Europe, it's exactly what we wanted, it's been great. In America, they've been a lot more cynical about it. It's really discouraging, you know. I mean, we didn't get great reviews on the first album and we still sold five million records and so I understand that it doesn't have that big of an effect. But it's just discouraging. We really feel like we made a great album."

Sam's Town received two out of five stars from Rolling Stone this week, perhaps one of the sources of Flowers' angst.
- thanks to stace!


The Killers' Playlist from, September 2006
thanks to Robyn!

With their new album, Sam's Town, on the way, we sat down with Brandon Flowers of The Killers to find out what they were listening to during the making of their highly anticipated sophomore release.

Peter Gabriel, "Solbury Hill"
"People talk a lot about the '80s, but a guy that gets overlooked a lot is Peter Gabriel. It's got such a dreamy quality. It takes you to a new place every time."

Pet Shop Boys, "Casanova in Hell"
"I heard this at the tail end of recording of the album. It didn't have a direct influence on what we were doing. But it was what I was listening to a lot."

The Cure, "One Hundred Years"
"This one is just scary!"

U2, "Staring at the Sun"
"Flood and Alan Moulder worked on our new album. We've been big fans of a lot of their previous productions. Especially Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins and Violator by Depeche Mode. They've also worked with U2 a lot, on Joshua Tree and Pop. I know the band kind of writes off Pop, but it's got some really great songs, like "Staring at the Sun."

The Rolling Stones, "Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)"
This is from Goat's Head Soup. It just has such an amazingly loose feel."


The no-fuss Killers from The West Australian, 29th September 2006
by Julian Tompkin.
- thanks to AngelEmz!

Rock band The Killers have played it close to home with their second album. Las Vegas has never really been the most conventional of towns. It's a land where raw desert contradicts the neon lights of money-hungry casinos. A land where modern glamour dances on the tombs of ancient Indian tribes.

And it was from this setting of extreme contrasts that one of the world's most remarkable rock bands erupted like crude oil from the Nevada Desert. Releasing their debut long player in 2004 to much underground acclaim, The Killers two years on are one of the most recognisable names in rock'n'roll today - and are rumoured to be coming for this summer's Big Day Out.
Hot Fuss has sold more than five million copies across the globe. The most discerning rocker knows all too well that sales alone can't buy you entry into musical immortality. But it just so happens The Killers secured their canonisation with one of the greatest debuts of modern times.

A near-perfect cocktail of post-punk retro grooves and 21st century youthful paranoia, Hot Fuss was an example of just how good rock'n'roll can get. Mr Brightside is already an undisputed rock classic, while Somebody Told Me was the dance-floor crossover hit that displayed just how exceptional The Killers really are.

Two years later and Brandon Flowers, Dave Keuning, Mark Stoermer and Ronnie Vannucci have faced the biggest challenge of their short lives - to write a second album to match their debut. It's called Sam's Town.

"I try not to think of (success) in terms of album sales," bassist Stoermer begins, down the line from New York. "Especially in today's climate where it seems bands are selling less and less records every day. I just hope that at least a certain degree of (old) and new fans appreciate this record along with us, so we can become a career band and make more records."

"I think we have a lot more in us but you can never say who's going to like it or how many people . . . that boggles your mind if you think about it too much."

While rock contemporaries Jet decided to head to Barbados to find inspiration for their second album, The Killers decided to stay close to home to record Sam's Town. Cut in a newly-built studio at Palms Hotel and Casino by acclaimed UK producers Flood and Alan Moulder (Smashing Pumpkins, U2), Sam's Town is in many ways an expected follow-up to Hot Fuss.

Laden with the band's trademark collation of synthesisers, heavy bass, oldfashioned guitar rock and Flowers' unmistakable fervent vocals, Sam's Town is clearly The Killers. What's most identifiable this time, however, is the confidence with which the band does it.

A song born out of an impromptu jam, When You Were Young is brutal with its 80s-esque rock onslaught and Bones rings with a melody from a war-time musical.

Lyrically, Flowers was attempting to create more of a complete album compared with Hot Fuss, which he sees as a haphazard collection of songs and ideas, harking back to a feeling of childhood innocence. However, despite the use of a definite theme in the "enterlude" and "exitlude", Stoermer is hesitant to coin Sam's Town a concept album.

"There was no real intention to make a concept album," he says firmly. "Musically, we just go from song to song and try to write the best songs - there's no intention to make a sound. But, at the same time, we wanted a cohesive record. It's walking a fine line. In the end the songs that we picked to be on the record are the ones that flowed together really nicely."

Although weary from two years on the road, Stoermer says the band is unaffected by the trappings of instant fame. There's been no need for security guards and stints in rehab and he still considers his fellow band members friends - although he admits there has been some disagreement about how publishing royalties should be divided up; something he calls a "touchy subject".

"As far as the trappings of fame, we have clear heads and focus on what's important. And we haven't changed too much. We're lucky in that we're successful but we're not so famous like some people, where you can't walk down the street. It's a nice place - we're big enough to have a career but not being recognised by everyone and their grandmothers," Stoermer says.

"This is what we wanted to do our whole lives - be in a rock band and make songs and get to tour the world. Share music with people and to get to do this for a living."


The Killers - Sam's Town from Spin, 26th September 2006
by Dennis Lim.

It's showtime! Rock's Yankee-Doodle dandies stage a widescreen epic

The most successful British new-wave band ever to emerge from the Mojave Desert, the Killers are also a quintessential Vegas act -- a gaudy triumph of pastiche and artifice. The quartet's 2004 debut, Hot Fuss, which sold five million copies worldwide, was a slick, brash replica, complete with mild foppery and accents redolent of Anglo imports on early MTV. Their defiantly overstuffed follow-up, Sam's Town, epitomizes Vegas in a more literal sense. The album is named for an off-Strip casino, and it often brings to mind one of the city's not-so-glamorous institutions: the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Image-conscious as ever, the Killers are now trying to shake their pretty-boy tag. They've wiped off the eyeliner, put the dandy suits in storage, and submitted to a makeunder -- all band members, including formerly baby-faced frontman Brandon Flowers, now sport facial scruff and dress in keeping with the Wild West theme of the real Sam's Town. Flowers has also been publicly professing his patriotism: a newfound love of this country's infinite skies and an affinity for no less a true-blue icon than Bruce Springsteen. These mock-Americana heroics aren't always convincing, evidenced by lines like "We're burning down the highway skyline / On the back of a hurricane," from the first single, "When You Were Young," the album's bid for open-road grandeur (Listen to stream). It gets the anthemic surge right, if not the Boss' underdog populism. As his cohorts channel "Born to Run," Flowers ruefully admits that he's over the Britpop saviors of his youth -- "He doesn't look a thing like Jesus / But he talks like a gentleman / Like you imagined when you were young."

Whatever the idiom and whomever they're borrowing from, the Killers know only one kind of song. Everything is constructed to epic dimensions, almost according to physical laws of acceleration and propulsion. Sam's Town is basically Hot Fuss with bigger, spanglier guitars and an all-round lack of restraint. String and brass arrangements build until there's no top to go over. "This River Is Wild," the most hysterical track, charges beyond Springsteen, through Queen, and smack into Meat Loaf. It's a full-fledged, more-is-more rock opera, with a jaunty piano "Enterlude" and "Exitlude."

But there's no denying the brute efficiency of the hooks. "Uncle Jonny" is a cokehead's cautionary tale ("My appetite ain't got no heart") that mirrors the addict's itch with a nasty, nagging riff. "Why Do I Keep Counting?" offsets Flowers' fear of flying with a massive sky-bound chorus ("Help me get down, I can make it"). Almost every song is in the Vegas tradition of showmen who don't know when to say when. The Killers haven't entirely shed the Brit-poseur image, but there's nothing more American than their old-fashioned work ethic.


The Killers on T-Minus Rock: Day 4, September 2006
- thank you very much to stace for the transcript!

Transcript from Day 4 (Thursday)

(The WYWY video hit #1 on the countdown today.)

Host: Alright, let's talk about the tour. Set it up for us, Brandon.

Brandon: (holds out one hand) Han Solo. (holds out other hand) Josie Wales. (clasps hands together) It's the Killers of 2006.

Host: We said possibly tumbleweed on the stage.

Brandon: Yeah. Well, what's funny is we're from the desert so when we play these little shows we've been going out and gathering some tumbleweeds...and some lights. But you don't have it out here as much...on the East coast. So we were phoning up some Hollywood places for sets...and nobody's invented fake tumbleweed yet.

Host: Right there, that's a goldmine.

Brandon: So I think we're going to patent that.

Host: And you've got a new musician with you on tour too, right?

Dave: Yeah, he's kind of a friend we all share and he's helping out with keyboards.

Brandon: His name's Ted.

Host: Nice lad. I saw him out here in the hallway.

Dave: He is a nice lad.


Host: I want to talk about Jay-Z.

Brandon: OK.

Host: Do you encounter Jay-Z a lot?

Brandon: No, we don't see him very much because we live so far away. But when we go to the office we might see him.

Host: Because he's the big head of Def Jam and Island - the whole Def Jam/Island umbrella.

Dave: He was touring recently too.

Brandon: We're around L.A. a little more.

Host: What do you do in his office? Do you talk?

Dave: We talk.

Host: Do you play Guts? He has that crazy card game - Guts. Where you have to throw down cards and there's lots of money at stake.

Brandon: We don't know about Guts. Maybe he doesn't like us very much. (laughs)

Dave: He loves us.

Host: Maybe he thinks you have LOTS of guts and doesn't want to...

Brandon: Yeah, he knows we're from Vegas.

Host: Yeah, high rollers.

Brandon: So we might have an advantage.


Host: The first video off Sam's Town, When You Were Young, filmed in Mexico City.

Brandon: South of Mexico City.

Host: SOUTH of Mexico City. Did you go sightseeing? (points at Dave) You had something to add, Dave?

Dave: I think it was NORTH of Mexico City.

Brandon: It was south.

Dave: I think it was north. (both laugh)

Host: Somewhere NEAR Mexico City. But did you go sightseeing?

Brandon: No. We were there only a matter of hours.

Host: And you have a new quasi-fictional band in this.

Brandon: Yes. The Teeth of the Dog. Which in Spanish is (says it in Spanish).

Host: Because we said, in Mr. Brightside, you have the Genius Sex Poets.

Brandon: Yes.

Host: So will this be a thing for every album?

Brandon: I think we might have one on every album just slide in there.

Host: One fictional band. Very fitting.

Brandon: For who?

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Listened to clips of the new record on that site and sounds all really good -- i would have listened to the leak but it doesnt seem to work -- can someone help please!!!!!!!!!

I could only get the leak to work on Internet Explorer. FireFox seems to have a problem starting it up and playing it.

Lol 2 stars. It's not that bad. I'd give it like 3 1/2.

The interview is cute.