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Link to us!

Kill Me Now: The Killers Daily News


The Official Site: Great place to start. Home to a huge forum.
The Victims: The official fan club of The Killers.

The Killers Online: A complete website with everything you ever wanted to know. Plus a large gallery.
Desperate: A unique website full of interesting facts.
Killers.Flirtatious.Org: Killers picture gallery.
Brandon.Flirtatious.Org: A Brandon site with a huge gallery and video files.
Telekon's Killers Collection: A listing of the entire Killers discography, including rarities.
Jook's Bootlegs: what it says on the label. The Complete Discography.
The Pretty Faces: The Killers Brasil

The Fillers: The Killers tribute band (

LiveJournal communities:
thekillers: The LJ community. Talk to other fans like yourself.
bangmebrandon: Community dedicated to Brandon.
killersicons: Killers icons
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