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Song List

Complete list of songs that can be found online, not including multiple versions or remixes of songs. For a full discography check out Telekon's Killers Collection or The Killers: The Complete Discography.

Demos and live versions can be found on Jook's Bootlegs or on various P2P programs. Search iTunes or scour eBay to find b-sides. Do not ask us to upload them for you.

Click on the title to read the lyrics.

Hot Fuss International
Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
Mr Brightside
Smile Like You Mean It
Somebody Told Me
All These Things That I Have Done
Andy, You're A Star
On Top
Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll
Believe Me Natalie
Midnight Show
Everything Will Be Alright

Hot Fuss US
Change Your Mind

Somebody Told Me single
The Ballad of Michael Valentine
Under the Gun
Show You How

Mr Brightside single
Who Let You Go?

All These Things single
Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? (Morrissey cover)

Smile Like You Mean It single
Get Trashed

Sam's Town
Sam's Town
When You Were Young
Bling (Confession of a King)
For Reasons Unknown
Read My Mind
Uncle Jonny
My List
This River Is Wild
Why Do I Keep Counting?

Sam's Town UK bonus track
Where The White Boys Dance

When You Were Young single
All The Pretty Faces

Bones single
Daddy's Eyes

RED campaign charity Christmas single
A Great Big Sled featuring Toni Halliday

Spiderman 3 - Original Soundtrack
Move Away

Demo songs
Oh Yeah, By The Way
Waiting For Love

Moonage Daydream (David Bowie cover - live)
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town (Kenny Rogers cover - recorded on Radio 1's Live Lounge, appears on SLYMI 7")
Shadowplay (Joy Division cover - on the Control soundtrack)
Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits cover - performed on Live From Abbey Road on November 29, 2006)

Unrecorded songs (performed live)
Where Is She?
Stereo of Lies