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_kill_her's Journal

kill her cuz she's lame
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All Members , Moderated

***First 10 applicants auto-accepted/rejected by the mods:
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angels_decay & lollipopgirlsdi

This community is open to both boys and girls. It's a rating community based primarily on looks, and somewhat on the rest of the application. We just started it as of 5/17/05, and we're looking for new members, and are always open to suggestions (join before you give us your opinion).


Members: be active! when making a new entry- put "stamped" in the subject line for regular posts, or "promo" if you are promoting another community. vote on new memebers and feel free to be as mean as you'd like. there's no need to write a paragraph, but give at least one reason why you voted yes or no. make sure you always put some form of "yes" or "no" in the subject line when you vote. once you're a memeber, you can start posting pictures, and don't forget to promote!

Applicants: the subject line should say "new member." make sure you put everything behind an lj cut- and the text should say "application," or something along those lines. if you dont know how to use a cut.. find out! you can only comment on your entry until you are voted in.. IF you are voted in. and there is none of that "ew you guys are soo lame and i only joined cuz i was bored" no. thats not why you applied you asshole. same goes for deleting your entry when you don't get accepted. you will be banned.









[x] Application [x]*




Single/taken?(post a pic of your bf/gf if you have one):

5+ favorite movies:

Post a picture of your favorite celebrity (one male and one female):

Go to google, type in your name and post the best picture that comes up:

Make us laugh. Post a link to something funny, or a funny picture:

What do you think about pre-marital sex?

Is murder ever justifiable? (explain.)

Describe one situation where you proved yourself to be a true bitch/asshole, or if you're not a bitch, tell us why you aren't:

Tell us three interesting facts about yourself:

What do you think makes you so hot anyways?

Post 5+ pictures of yourself (at least four must be of your face):

Post a 100x100 picture of you to put up on the memebers page (if you dont have one, and you get in, we will make you one):

Show us the link where you promoted us- ie your user info, a website, your lj entries..etc (you have to):

*edited as of 5/18/05, and make sure you put "new member" in the subject line!