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Name: Amanda

Age: 18

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Nationality: mutt

single/taken? taken<3

Post a picture of your favorite celebrity (one male and one female):

Go to google, type in your name and post the best picture that comes up:

Describe one situation where you proved yourself to be a true bitch/asshole: so theres this one kid, and i just shoot his self esteem down every single day by telling him that he's the ugliest person alive...but sadly he doesnt believe me.

What do you think about pre-marital sex? yay.

How bout capital punishment? kill the bitches.

Tell us three interesting facts about yourself:
1. i have my nipples pierced
2. i broke my nose in the tiger army pit.
3. my dad used to play basketball with dan marino.

What do you think makes you so hot anyways? my hair.

Post 5+ pictures of yourself (at least four must be of your face):

Post a 100x100 picture of you to put up on the memebers page:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Show us the link where you promoted us, ie your user info, a website, your lj entires..etc (you have to): check out my journal.

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