jpip! (xbed_of_rosesx) wrote in _kill_her,

[x] Application [x]*

Name: Julie

Age: 17

Location: Pittsburgh

Single/taken?(post a pic of your bf/gf if you have one): Taken

5+ favorite movies: the doom generation, the black circle boys, finding nemo, the notebook, and a classic... the crow.

Post a picture of your favorite celebrity (one male and one female):

ummm <3

winona ryder <3

Go to google, type in your name and post the best picture that comes up:

i'm definitely frightened.

Make us laugh. Post a link to something funny, or a funny picture:

What do you think about pre-marital sex? ive been known to be a fan of it.

Is murder ever justifiable? (explain.) i don't believe that anyone should play god.

Describe one situation where you proved yourself to be a true bitch/asshole, or if you're not a bitch, tell us why you aren't: i kissed my manager the night before my boyfriend came back from a vacation, right after getting off the phone with him and then lied about it. he found out. now we all have to work together. the bitchy part is i think its funny.

Tell us three interesting facts about yourself: i have read marilyn manson's autobiography more than five times. i get jealous of everyone and everything. i tell my mom how good my sex is.

What do you think makes you so hot anyways? i think its the lip rings. or just because sydney thinks i am.

Post 5+ pictures of yourself (at least four must be of your face):

Post a 100x100 picture of you to put up on the memebers page (if you dont have one, and you get in, we will make you one):

Show us the link where you promoted us- ie your user info, a website, your lj entries..etc (you have to):

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