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so alright,first things first.i have never ever written a fanfic(just reading too much of it:-) ) or anything else before and i'm not planning on writing anything again anytime soon.this was just something i thought about for some time now since i started watching Rizzoli &'s a new show with sasha alexander.all the time i was wondering how it would be if the two teams ever i wrote this little thingy be gentle.english is not my first language and i hope i didn't make too many mistakes.tell me what you think but if you hate it please don't tell me:-)

Title: Dream come true?
Author: patty22
Fandom: NCIS/ Rizzoli&Isles Crossover
Pairing: Kate/Gibbs
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. They belong to CBS and Tess Gerritsen.

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Need help to find three things and two are KIBBS

Two of them are Kibbs related so hope it's ok to post here.

1/ I saw an icon based on a pic of Mark and Pam from a magazine that was probably called Country Home. Anyone have the article with pics(s)? I know it's not much info but it's all I got.

2/Want to find the pictures that are in this banner.

3/ A story about Gibbs and the team finding out about Kate having a daughter that is on life support and now it's time to swith it off. Did I dream this one or does it exist??

Thank You.
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One-shot fic: The Question

Title: The Question
Author: Red
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Kate/Gibbs
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. They belong to CBS, which at the moment I hate with all my heart.

A/N: I have never written a ‘light’ fic before because I don’t know how to write a less serious story, so this is my first story that doesn’t include sappiness or angst. This is also a semi-AU fic: I mention Ziva in this story. Don’t worry; I don’t write catfight, either. :D

I wrote this to lighten my mood a bit because I’m currently writing a very dark-themed story. This is unbetaed, so all mistakes are mine and mine only. Pardon all typos and grammatical errors; English is not my first language. I try my best to minimize the errors and I hope I don’t make you frown with my mistakes.

Thank you for all your reviews and favourites on my last Kibbs story. I really appreciate them.

Anyway, singinglupines , this is my ‘welcome home’ present for you. I know I should’ve written something with the characters you love, but you know that I can be very selfish sometimes. I hope you still enjoy it, darling. *hugs*

Shutting up now, and on to the fic...

Here @ my journal
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One-shot fic: Easy Silence

Title: Easy Silence
Author: Red
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Kate/Gibbs
Disclaimer: They are not mine. I’d do anything to keep Kate on the show if it were mine, don’t you think? *sobs silently*
Eh, the title isn’t mine, either. I kind of stole borrowed it from Dixie Chick’s song “Easy Silence” (you should listen to it! AMAZING song!)

A/N: Err... this is actually my third (fourth? fifth?) attempt writing a Kibbs story, but the other stories are still sitting nicely in my hard drive. Like I have mentioned on the disclaimer up there, the story is sorta kinda ‘developed’ from the song “Easy Silence” that I heard earlier this morning, and I couldn’t seem to put the muses to rest.

Anyway, so here it is. This work is un-betaed (thanks to my fellow Kibbster, Passionate_Cec’, who suggested me to try and post it) so all mistakes are mine and mine only.

Before I shut up, though, I have to dedicate this to my faithful and hardworking beta,  singinglupines . You’re awesome, girl! *sends half a bar of virtual dark chocolate* You know where the other half is ;)

*ahem* Okay, I’m shutting up now. I hope you enjoy this.

In the easy silence that you make for me (link to my journal)
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NCIS - Gibbs & Kate & Tony

Ficlets - Rated NC-17

I Write Like...

I found this at someone's LJ and thought that y'all would enjoy it. You copy-paste text into the text box and hit analyze. It's called "I Write Like..." and supposedly tells you whose writing yours resembles.

Of course, it's far from perfect, and that's pretty evident from the results that people have been getting. For example, people tend to get J. K. Rowling if they put in excerpts from "Harry Potter" FF, whether or not one actually writes like her; similarly, using "Darcy" and "Elizabeth" repeatedly in a box seems to get Jane Austen.

Though, I did test it by putting in actual text and it does do that correctly: I put in stuff from "Ulysses" and got James Joyce and stuff from "Huck Finn" and got Twain.

Anyhow, it's just for fun. And terribly addictive.

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Would love to see what y'all get!
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Fic: The Hardest Day

Hello there, My name is Red (That's not my real name but my online friends call me that).  I'm new to this fandom (I know I'm about 5 or 6 years late, but I've only discovered NCIS a few months ago). This is my first time writing about Kate/Gibbs. I hope you like it.

The story (it's a link to
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