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For fans of the Japanese punk magazine Kera! A monthly magazine, Kera shows off the hottest punk, lolita, and gothic styles in Japan. Each issue costs from 400-500y and can be bought in bookstores (in Japan anyway) or online. Chat about any of the fashions, models, or bands featured in the magazine.

1. I'd prefer you keep your posting in this community to the above contents (fashion, models, bands) but if you have some clothing that looks like it'd be in Kera that you want to sell, go right ahead. Just keep all auctions and direct sales under a cut. If you don't know what a cut is, find out or don't post at all. All posts must have comments enabled or they will be deleted. IF A SALES POST IS NOT UNDER A CUT, IT WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DELETED.
2. Profanity is allowed. Family-friendly is for other communities.
3. Play nice.

Interested in learning about what's been in Kera? Check out our Magazine Summaries. These are for personal and community use only. If you wish to use them for your site, you'll need the writer's permission first.

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